Charity ( should ) begins at home

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by hobbit, Apr 28, 2006.

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  1. I note the young royal out in some foreign country hugging kids and making like his mum. Why not hug the kids whose parents pay his wages and pay for all his jollies? Same in this bleedin' country fcku the locals who supply all the money, send truck loads of cash and supplies overseas while those at home get SFA. I'm a strong believer in CBAH but in the three countries of the Iraq debacle it seems to be stuff the poor bastards who voted you in and pay all the taxes let's look after the rest of the world then they can come over and take charge of the place. Dunno the answer but sure wish I could find one,

  2. Charity begins at home.

    And that's where it stays in my book.

    But there again, I am a Yorkshireman.
  3. At least he's doing something, would you prefer he churns out crap documentries or plays golf all day like his uncles?

    I would like to see him handing out food whilst dressed up as a Nazi though....that would be a giggle.
  4. True, he is doing something unlike the rest on a non stop jolly ( except for HM ). My point is though, and this applies in the USA,Oz and UK, why not look after those at home. Lots of old folk in these three countries could do with a hand for example let alone the mums, dads and kids. I know I'm urinating in the wind as far as the three amigos are concerned but it does pssi me orf even more so because I can't do anything about it,

  5. When was the last time the pensioners had a decent pay rise in the UK and OZ ? Howard is banging on about giving tax relief to the middle and lower "classes" but the only rise the pensioners get is link to the price index. In looking at the Uk situation, it seems the same
  6. Hell we would all like more cash whetrher it is in our wages or pensions if we are old enough. Yes we should look after our own, and in reality there are a lot of organiations doing this. The question is should we just look after our own, or as decent human being should we at leats try to spread alittle of our wealth ealswher to those who to be quite blunt would see the UK or Uas breadline as being living in luxury.

    No we should not forget our own, but at the same time we should not forget the rest of the worl also.

    Good luck to him.

  7. I believe the charity business goes beyond "all liking a bit more cash". I'm referring to very basic things like enough to eat, wear and keep warm. A place to live, law and order. Certainly help others but only when your own house is taken care of. My somewhat cynical, although I believe accurate, view of these overseas charities is that it provides those running the show with regular overseas trips, wining and dining and somewhere along the line a gong or two. They love the publicity although in some cases they dont want their perks exposed.
    Take another case of a good lurk, Medicins Sans Frontiers, or doctors without frontiers.In this country , OZ, and I believe UK, the health systems are in chaos. Despite this the doctors go swanning overseas while the queues at home grow longer and people are very sick and die. And FFS these countries have their own doctors. This is not a good way to share resources. Quite often the countries receiving aid, cash and goods, are themselves prosperous. Take India and Pakistan with their nuclear weapons while other countries provide aid.
    Again the doctors use this guise to swan away overseas and have the bleedin' nerve to ask for donations. In this country little old ladies have raffles and collect for charities while our leaders throw our money around the world often where the cash and goods are grabbed before reaching the people in need. I suggest think before donating and if you can befriend an individual in need of help do it that way. CBAH indeed.

  8. Little lord fcuk pants probably doesn't even want to be there anyway, he just gets sent, I mean I am sure harry would rather be taking tablets, getting monged and humping his chav tart and wills would rather be getting it, roughly from behind from some polo chums, they just get sent places with no choice.
    Seriously though, the UK is in shit state and charity really should be at home, but not in the sense of real charity and giving to the poor. We give enough already through taxes and the govt should use that to make it a better place.It is disgusting to waste money on iraq and 3rd world countries that will never improve, nobody wants to say it but it is throwing good money after bad. Are the africans really going to sort themselves out even if they had all the money in the world? Are the iraqis going to stop fighting each other? UK is hanging in there, better to concentrate on that than lost causes overseas. I feel sorry for the old people but all the other benefit lovers get on my pecs, where i am working now the poor have nothing at all, but they don't sit and cry about it, they do something, anything to survive. I these genuinely poor people and wish some of the layabout scum in uk would take a leaf out of their book.
    Lets be real, the older generation in UK are treated disgustingly by our government, that is where the charity is needed.
  9. While we are on the subject of "Charity begins at Home" when was the last time you heard of the Yanks asking let alone offering and help when the UK or the Ozzies have a disaster. All three countries are the first to offer help elsewhere, even to New Orleans, but when we have a town and it's surrounds devistated by a Cylone, like Innisvail and the livelyhoods of the people there are destroyed for the next 10 years in some cases, all we get is a deathly silence
  10. Judging by the pathetic response to the new orleans disaster which firmly put the yanks at the bottom of the pile for disaster reponse, most people would be better off if they stayed away. Might be nice for them to offer though. I was in SE asia during the tsunami and the response from supposedly 3rd world countries far exceeded the cluster fcuk in the former new orleans. I stayed in new orleans in december and january and it is like a war zone, it seems most of the decent folk left and the dregs remain, complete with curfews. Even the yanks I worked with say the powers that be there are idiots.
  11. As someone, who having fallen ill last year spent some time living on SSP and later on benefits I believe strongly that charity begins at home.

    Because I had a naval pension to help me, our local council offered me as Council Tax benefit the princely sum of 21p a week.

    I only hope that that small change still lingers in that place where the sun most certainly doesnt shine as that is where I told them to put it !
  12. Listen you miserable bastards, no-one has a right to demand charity; if Prince Harry or anyone else decides to do charitable work for one-legged Somali children, or the Chelmsford Single Pregnant Chavs Association, it's nobody's business but his, capisce? If you want to support the Yorkshire Old Whingers Benevolent Trust, you go ahead and do it.
  13. I failed to see any reference to demanding charity on the thread and if that happened it could be considered begging. I disagree in regard to royalty providing charity to overseas needs however when there are greated needs at home which is the point of the comment, charity begins at home. The bloke in question receives everything from the English people and should therefore help the English people.Although from my experience the average English person is to proud and independent to accept charity and would prefer to go without or give to someone else.
    Also the publicity thing is another point. I like the Buddhist way of charity, to give without seeking praise or recognition.

  14. It is also supposed to be the Christian way, though too often forgotten!

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