Charity Haircut Sat 9th June

Discussion in 'Charity' started by BusterQuin, Jun 7, 2007.

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  1. I will be having a no1 haircut in aid of the Falklands Veterans Foundation ( this saturday 9th June @2130 in the Gosport Royal British Legion Club 145 Brockhurst Rd, Gosport
    All local rumrationers are welcome to pop along to take the piss, throw a few pennies into the pot and scupper some cheap beer, we have a quiz starting at 2030
    Ask for me (Andy Brown) if you do pop in and I'll sign you in
    Many thanks
  2. cool we will need some before and after shots please..... you know just fr the dit value,,,,, :afro:
  3. Are you going to wear a Wrens outfit too? :razz:

    If so, can we sponsor you via PayPal or similar? I'll sponsor you for £20 if you wear a Wrens outfit for the ceremony, £10 if you don't. :biggrin:
  4. Buster are you going to the Falklands 25th match on the 16th? I am, so will bring baby oil to rub your number 1 with! LOL :biggrin:
  5. I had a no.2 cut last week! Please don't sacrifice any babies for my hair though. Press some olives instead - much more humane :lol: :biggrin:
  6. Thanks for your support AAC, no wrens outfit though
    will pm you details :hello1:

    Sorry AP as much as I would have loved my head oiling I am working till 1500 on the 16th and off to Brands Hatch the next morning so can't make the rugby
  7. If we can get a carpet commando sitter we'll come along babe xxx
  8. You could set up a just giving account like the one for my run, happy to give you a hand with one and to stick a fiver in the pot
  9. I tried to set up a justgiving account but the FVF aren't registered with them
    Thanks for the kind offer womps
  10. shame that I know it's not alot ( but I am a poor student) happy to send it down to you
  11. Looks like just £10 then! Damn! Just think how fetching Rincewind looked in wrens black tights and sussies!
  12. Oh boo hoo you!

    (pints is stamping her foot)
  13. Gotta go to the OH's brothers wedding - oh joy woo hoo, cant wait.... Wedding of Mr n Mrs Chav.....

    If i didnt have to go, would come support you / join in. PM me your address for a donation.
  14. Thanks for all your messages of support, finally tally should be around the £150 mark for myself and the RBL Club vice chairman also raised over £100 so a total of over £250 into the FVF coffers
    Will post pictures once I've sussed it out
  15. well done............. looking forward to seeing the pics........
  16. Here's the before,during and after pics
  17. well done........... good pics too.........
  18. BZ! A Wren's outfit would have made it more interesting, however.... £10 is on its way...
  19. Cheque received today many thanks
  20. Cash acceptable ??
    (Get paid Friday)

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