Charity fund rasier for the Jonathan Noble Flash Appeal!!


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(Thank you Dozy!! Before you start, yes I know it is not RN but I am a firm believer in charity)

[align=center]Chandler's Airborne Challenge for the Jonathan Noble Flash Appeal

On the 30th March 2006, young Chandler Biddiss will be making a sponsored decent from the Exit Decent trainer. This trainer is 60ft high and used to test trainee Paratroopers nerve at No 1 Parachute Training School RAF Brize Norton.

Once Chandler has completed his challenge he will be awarded the coveted British Military Parachute Wings and Certificate.

Chandler, who is six years old, suffered from Meningitis and septicaemia at only two months old. He now suffers from Cerebral Palsy, he is unable to walk and suffers from slight blindness and is unable to talk properly but shows the same fighting spirit that British Paratroopers are renowned for the world over.

Chandler will be raising money for Jonathan Noble a former Paratrooper who is now disabled after an accident and he needs our help now.



Donation Form (please put this up at work / circulate to your colleagues)
The Halifax Bank
Sort Code: 11-00-51
Account Number: 00796236
Account Name: The F.O.Club.

Donations can be paid into the account by anyone by going into their local branch and quoting the account details, via telephone / internet banking or sending donation to ashbash @ Email Ash and he will provide his home address and contact number.

If you pay donations in yourself at a branch then please email or post a copy of the receipt to ashbash @ so that he can reconcile the account.

If you send a payment then you will be issued with a receipt.

At the end of this month the charity account will be published on the Ex-Para website.

Via PayPal to the following address:

[email protected]

Please ensure you quote Chandlers Airborne Challenge in the subject box. You will receive an email receipt of the donation.

At the end of this month the charity PayPal account will be published on the Ex-Para website.

The final method of donation is via The Parachute Regimental Association

Regimental Headquarters
The Parachute Regiment
Flagstaff House
Napier Road
Essex CO2 7SW

Telephone: Civil: 01206 782242 / 782220 Military: 94651 2242 / 2220
Fax: 01206 782199

PRA Sec: secretary.pra @
Asst to PRA Sec: pra @

Again, please quote Chandler's Airborne Challenge

If you would like more information or to help, contact the Ex-Para website for updates on the event and pictures of Chandler's preparations.[/align]

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