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As stated in the title I am looking for information about chaplain training, I understand you go to BRNC but how long is this for and what do you do. Thanks in advance for any information.


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There was a Bish on my AACC and every night he was invited by the DS to walk on water, and he was never successful, so you might want to practice that in advance


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My experience of Naval Chaplains usually centred around tot-time and the jolliness of the padre increasingly proportional to the 'Sippers,' 'Gulpers' consumed. No tot now so might be a lost tradition. But hope you can get to chat with the padre at BRNC who could give you some insight if the AFCO can't. :cool:


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Mmmm, career as a Naval Chaplain - possibly fom God's Port? (Our Haven).

Only a quick ferry ride to the Dockyard!!

The OP might be a bit confused by this, especially if he/she does not know the area you are referring to, and its connection to the Silent Service.
But another possible derivation of Gosport comes from " Goose Port." Not many people know that.......
Devil today's modern Navy? I'm outraged! Still dependent on the invisible friend who takes the credit for all the positive shit, but takes nothing to do with the shift that happens in the real world? Outraged I say, outraged.....start the bus....


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Because I could fix you a chat with a padre who has recently gone through the system shipmate - my screenie is my screenie for a very good reason. Private message me if you like, I won't bite...

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