channeling the exhuberance of youth

Discussion in 'The Afterlife - Resettlement and Jobs' started by golden_rivet, Nov 6, 2006.

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  1. I'm currently training 2 people to do my job when I leave in a few days time. One of the people concerned is very good and takes the financial aspects of the work quite seriously. The problem is that she has trouble focusing and concentrating. She's normally quite bouncy and some of the procedures are quite complicated. I have meticulously elaborated instructions which work fine and I get her to read them out loud as she is doing them. Any tips on getting people who are quite hyper to focus???? Must happen a lot with the testosterone flooded youth we try to mould into a trained force.

  2. apologies - that should be 'channelling'
  3. Alright Katy

    How about a PT session? If she were to have a run or gym workout before sitting down with you, she would have burned off that excess energy and would be more focused on the task in hand.

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  5. Tuff!
  6. Psywar is a new skill for her!

  7. How do you feel about the removable head avatar Clouseau ?

    Actually I know what you mean - still its so cute ...
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  9. True - I definitely preffer your method Katy, as long as I get to join in that is.
  10. most blokes just want to watch Spenny - not like when I was a kid when the worst insult lads could give you was to call you a 'lezzie' - these days it seems quite fashionable .... I guess that's the 'lipstick lesbian' syndrome. It's not like when I was a lass and it was all very masculine and involved wearing Doc Martens ... (sigh)
  11. Watching is cool, but Im very much a hands-on kinda bloke Katy. Keeps things interesting :wink:
  12. Lipstick lesbians are everymans fantasty!!

    Anyway back to the post, is there anyway you can set it up so she has half an hour of intense work then 10 mins out? the most anyone can concentrate on one task for is 45 mins max anyway!

    We tend to have lots of breaks and where that isn't possible swap tasks around alot.
  13. not every mans! Mine involves Katerina Witt, an alsation dog, 4 cans of scrumpy jack and a metal ruler! :wink:
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  16. thanks for the contribution dondon - good to know you are able to give professional support in my hour of need !!!!! :wink: :wink: :wink:

  17. Your more than welcome , love your pussy by the way , :?

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