Channel 5 - 'Submarine School' - Tuesday 21 June 2011 - 20:00

Lt Cdr 'English' Dan Martyn was chairman of the that qualified me as a submariner on the good Boat Soveriegn and as i passed he uttered the immortal words...

'welcome to the deep'

I will never forget that moment so it was good to see him on Perishers...

(even if he has whacked on the pounds)
Just a thought... but probably not with him joining as a scribes. He wouldnt be any relation to the late Lt. Cdr. Paul H. Perks RIP(Squadron CO) (RN) 801 Squadron Buccaneers HMS Victorious 64, who was killed whilst ejecting.
Question about Oily Wragg!!!!!!! it true??? that if you fail, or resign from Perishers. You can no longer serve in boats?? ps TUT TUT Oily would have been called Harry Wragg in my time ( as in the jockey!! who had the nickname of " The Head Waiter " as he rode his races from the front , and sat and still waited to win.
Scouse it is true that if you fail Perishers you don't go back on Boats - reason being that your career can't go any further if you've failed.

i was speaking to Cdr Jim Perks yesterday and yeah he did join up as a WTR
I watched this last night, one question to those in the know:

What the **** was the B&Q Hozelock reel all about?

In one shot you could clearly make out on of these lurking in the background:
Surely cost cutting hasn't got so bad that we are using these for firefighting now?


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