Channel 5: February 7th 2011: "Royal Navy Caribbean Patrol - HMS Manchester"

Don't forget to watch this programme this evening, could prove interesting if they tell all the stories from the Manchester deployment to the Windies!!

Absolutely outrageous, where have all the officers with the plummy, overly fake\false "Home Counties accents" gone? What a difference from when I served back in the 80's and 90's.
Very good first episode, Did i hear that, untidy scrote, tell the Killick of the Mess to Foxtrot Oscar???? Naughty Naughty
Yeah; but don't those rounders caps with the genuine RN logos on the side look well hard! Also, how kool man was that Aston Martin chair the boss fellah has?
My bold

Thought was a touch of class.
I recall a dit ref the Manchester from the 80s whereby the Old Man relieved the BM\QM, put the ship in bridge mode and took the ship for a spin through the English Channel.

Looking forward to next weeks episode.
I thought that was odd too. OhNOES the engines are busted, dang 1 week alongside getting tats and pissed and perhaps a bit a lady trapping......OH nOES....Fridge is fucked lets have a **** off BBQ....

Spose it pays off for all the hard work, tho im not sure the stokers thought so.

Next Episode Tonight:

"High Winds and Savage Seas"

"Hurricane season is in full swing. The crew of HMS Manchester is on urgent storm alert, ready to respond to the needs of Caribbean islanders who have been stricken by killer winds. HMS Manchester visits as many of the islands as possible to reassure the people that help will be at hand in case of disaster".

Episode 4: High Winds and Savage Seas | Royal Navy Caribbean Patrol | Channel 5
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Next Episode Tonight:

"Mission of Mercy"

"HMS Manchester is in Barbados when news comes in that a massive hurricane has smashed the island of St Lucia, located just 100 miles away. The ship's company is immediately recalled from the pubs, clubs and bars and the British vessel leaves on a mercy mission to the stricken island. Within hours, she is first on the scene of terrible devastation".

Episode 5: Mission of Mercy | Royal Navy Caribbean Patrol | Channel 5

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