Channel 4: "Falklands' Most Daring Raid" - Sunday, March 18th 2012

Spent many a day at Farad head, duty pinky for the Buccaneers dropping I000 lbs bombs on Garvie Island, ps never saw any seagulls, after 809 sqdn had shed its load lol
Great story, the book about the Black Buck mission was good too, surprising just how much they had to muddle through, Martin Withers is also the pilot who flies the display Vulcan, very accomplished and a true pro.:worship:


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The bloke who pushed to lead the raid seemed to be the right stuff. The other one who seemed to feel hard done by not to have spent his 22 years drawing flying pay sat on his arse in Lincolnshire came good though. The one who was worrying about the blokes on the ground I suppose votes Lib Dem.

I thought the actual doc about the trip was good and certainly brought out how totally unprepared the RAF was for flight refuelling and iron bombing (so what were the Vulcans up to after the RN took over nuking in 1968?). The bods in the Vulcan and the Victors certainly did their bit on the night as best they could, and scary too it was, but it looked to me as if there was still room to use one side of the Stanley runway for fighters and craters don't last forever if there are blokes with shovels and the odd bag of cement about. Worth a mention thsat it wasn't the RAF who put the carrier out of business so that its planes had to fly from the mainland. The shots of destroyed aircraft were a complete irrelevance.

In sum, good doc spoiled by too much misleading spin. As was expected.
He doesn't have to be a good shot SJRM, he only flies or flew the cab, the sad thing is , how it sits forlorn on the far side of Waddo airfield. Fortunately the Vulcan preservation society and joe public keep a Vulcan flying ( just ) and its a magic sound when it takes off, known as the Vulcan Howl, climbs steeply out and hard banks away. They have been rolled too and for many years were a sight for those who live in Lincolnshire, especillay doing a QRA take off of 4 cabs.
i actually thought it was good "more PR for the Crabs right enough" but good all the same, good vision from the chief of staff to actually have the balls to commit all those assets... prob be buggered if we tried to re-enact that now with all our ....eeehhmm "air assets"


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Interesting when the story is told from an RAF propaganda perspective.

Notwithstanding the raids were a logistical nightmare & extremely well executed by the crews operating at full-stretch, half of the Blackbuck sorties failed to reach their target. From the dozens of bombs dropped, just one hit the runway, three weeks before the landings.

Routine supply flights between FI & Argentina continued throughout the war as Stanley airfield was only out of action for a day. Pucara & Aermacchi strike aircraft continued to operate from Stanley throughout the land-phase as they only needed a relatively short take-off.

Stanley Airfield runway was physically too short to operate jet fighter or bomber aircraft, so we were told - hence the Royal Engineers extending the runway immediately post-conflict for the Phantoms before the construction of MPA, so it's interesting to claim the Mirage III's were not deployed to Stanley due to Black Buck.

The RAF claim that the Black Buck raids stopped Argentine attacks from taking off in the Falklands is also a rather economic with the truth - My ship was strafed by a Stanley-based Aermacchi on 21st May, causing two serious casualties. The SAS had much more success on Pebble Island with regard reducing the threat to the task force in my opinion.

The raids undoubtedly had a big & much needed psychological effect, to the extent Argentina feared an attack on the mainland & initially held-back aircraft in reserve to defend Argentina. An epic logistical achievement undoubtedly undertaken by brave men, of that there is no denying, but less spin please.

And, the Vulcan is and was a beautiful aircraft.


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I take the point about the implied threat to BA (a shorter trip) and suppose the modern equivalent is a Tomahawk sauntering down the Avenida Florida to the admiring gaze of the shoopers and then whacking into the Casa Rosa.
For a laugh I though I would take a look and see what the Crabs take on it was, so clicked on the tab at the top of this page.

ARRSE - Active. Rum Ration - Active. RAF - Security down!
I take the point about the implied threat to BA (a shorter trip) and suppose the modern equivalent is a Tomahawk sauntering down the Avenida Florida to the admiring gaze of the shoopers and then whacking into the Casa Rosa.
Indeed, locals pointing at Tom's following street layout in Baghdad springs to mind.
I wonder - now its been proved we need to be able to bomb things 8000 miles away from time to time - are we still capable
now the Vulcans are done for?

Have to agree about the Vulcan - very majestic aircraft and what a credit to the designer that they could achieve this
with tech that old.

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