Channel 4, Bank Holiday Monday, HMS Daring

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by WhiteRose, May 27, 2010.

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  1. Building Britain's Ultimate Warship - 1930hrs, Channel Four

    From the blah...

    "Channel Four gains special access to the construction, launch and testing of the billion-pound HMS Daring, the Royal Navy's revolutionary new destroyer with cutting-edge technology".
  2. I shall be glued to the screen, as I'm sure Polycell will be too, as we both designed it.

    Well, we had a bit of help obviously, but basically, it was just two tired old sundodgers wot done it all! :D
  3. I will look forward to your "review" of the programme.

    I have not heard of any open comments about the class's ASW abilities, any comment possible ?

    (P.S. I am a Type 23 "fan".)

  4. Given it's a specialist AAW platform, take a wild guess...
  5. I suppose the Merlin may be able to perform an ASW role, but that's just speculation. I doubt it would be nearly as effective as a dedicated ASW platform. You may be more interested in the possible forthcoming Type 26 (currently being designed.)
  6. T45 is able to carry Merlin or Lynx. Lynx Mk 8 can carry the stingray anti-submarine torpedo but doesn't have dipping sonar like Merlin. Can you dip and fire torpedoes simultaneously? Either way it won't make the T45 an ASW Frigate.

    The upgrade from Lynx Mk3 to Lynx Mk8 was to bring Lynx up to Super Lynx standards.

    I wonder if the embarked helicopter will change when the RN receives more Merlins from the RAF?
  7. :roll: :roll: My bold, you could never ever Dunk and Loose off a torpedo at the same time :oops: :oops: Waspie will be along to confirm the above, he being an aircrewman. SAR / AIMER/PINGER, as i never reached the dizzy hieghts of a Pinger. IMHO The mighty Sea King, would have made an excellent chopper as the T45s ships flight. :wink: Got the lot
  8. There was a Mk8 on board for the Thursday War this week. Watching it land via the ops room CCTV it looked like a Dinky toy on the flight deck. 8O
  9. Most likely like the T42s' capabilities. Sonar is "Oh Shit" range.
  10. :wink: :wink: One of these beasts would look more at home on the flight deck!!! after pinging the sundodgers :lol:
  11. The Lynx Mk8 will be the aircraft for the T45 for the first few years.

    It may look like a dinky toy on a big Flight Deck but the Lynx is still very capable and can offer a variety of capabilities that Merlin can't.

    The T45 is designed as an AAW platform, other ships in a Task Group will primarily focus on ASW and are therefore more suited to have a Merlin.
  12. Is that why there's a blummin' great bullseye painted below the water line?
  13. :roll: :roll: I will tell the sundodgers, to stay clear of you, whence you are solo, on the high seas!!!! as you are not in ASW mode
  14. Overall an interesting Documentary, What happened to the first Skipper???? before steely eyed Paddy took command!!!! and no way would any Captain i served under. Would allow the clubswinger on the bridge dressed like that :roll: ( Let alone take the helm at RAS :lol: :lol: )
  15. Nice documentary.

    Even nicer target!!
  16. Maybe he had already done that and got the T Shirt before he was "Clubbed".

  17. With a mast that tall, and a crappy French missile system, it won't be required, but well spotted.

    Damn! :oops:
  18. Enjoyable programme from the bits i saw. Missed first half so might look on 4OD see if its there
  19. In general, it was a good PR job, but one or two good journo cock ups. It only took 5 years from conception to launch?!? I think not!!! No mention of the contract re-negotiations and milestone movements that went on. No mention of the disasterous Tripartite Horizon Program, whch left her with the (IMHO) useless PAAMS System, or follow on design work. No mention of the fact that there should have been 12, then 9 ending up with just 6 platforms. Also the fact that 'she can carry 26 soldiers' hmm, wonder what the Green Meanies think about that!

    Still, it will be a good movie to show the newbies at the AFCOs -I'm sure loads can't wait to sign on after seeing that!

    Nice target, and no (decent) ASW sonar to speak of...... :D

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