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Just a quick question, if you start officer training at BRNC and then decide to change branch, from Warfare to logistics (before starting professional training, during the 30 weeks INT at BRNC), could you do this and what happens if you just decide through more info... That you really want to do the latter rather than the first path you chose?
(Please answer with serious answers,assuming that in between BRNC and beginning branch specific training you may realise that something that isn't for you or you think your skills are better suited somewhere else)

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If you are thinking that you want to change branches before you join, then notify your ACLO before you join. As you'll be aware, the jobs are quite different.

In recent years, Logs Officer required a higher AIB pass and it wouldn't normally be a case of switching to an over-subscribed branch ahead of those already waiting for selection and entry.

At present there's a shortage of both, so a branch change before joining could well be feasible without delaying entry.

After joining? Definitely not a "given" as there may not be the flexibility to swap, particularly if training places are tight.
Do it beforehand, don't waste everyone's time trying to do it in-service. Bear in mind the well-worn phrase "the needs of the Service come first" - and that once you're in the Service they stop being nice and actually mean it.

It could happen, or it won't happen, which depending on timings (ie pre/post Fleetboard) will lead to one of two things: you get booted from BRNC, or you get held to your return of service and spend five years being miserable. If you don't think that's going to happen let me assure you that there is nothing worse than being stuck on a ship with someone just out of their professional training who realises early in their first complement appointment that they don't want to do the job. Because they're going to have to until the mob has had its pound of flesh.

Ask yourself if you get told the answer is no are you going to be able to carry on in your current branch for as long as needed before you can leave? If your answer to that is no then for God's sake don't join up in a branch you don't want to do. Getting to BRNC is NOT getting *your* foot in the door and a short-cut to things working out how you want them to. It's the RN getting *you* through the door and then you belong to them.

If all of this sounds a wee bit negative that's because you need to understand that once you get through the gates it's no longer about you. The needs of the Service *will* come first. It's a great life in the mob, but you've got to want to do it as otherwise you will be utterly miserable, and no one outside INM Alverstoke will care (except in so far as you going wibble is going to impact on their workload).
Bear in mind the well-worn phrase "the needs of the Service come first" - and that once you're in the Service they stop being nice and actually mean it.
Kinross_special is totally bang on. I wouldn't normally repeat what's already been said, but it's so important I will anyway: DO NOT under any circumstances join warfare if you want to get out of the branch. I know of a couple of people who have requested transfer out of warfare in the past 6 months or so, both turned down, and one of those wanted to go logistics. The moral of the story: if you don't want warfare, in the first instance don't apply for it, but if you do end up at BRNC, definitely don't commission in it because RoS will not be your friend.
Interesting posts and the harshness of some of them show how much people really care about the RN. So thanks for the responses.

Since this hasn't solved my issue. Being completly honest the reason I asked about switching branches at BNRC was, to find someone way of becoming a warfare officer in the RN, I messed up my AIB and have the opportunity to retake it in 12 months, when I will be 26 ( I know there are varied opinions on whether or not someone that has failed his/her first AIB has the commitment... To be in the RN, I do. I just made small mistakes that ultimately cost me a pass), there for not eligible to be a warfare officer. However I have been researching other officer roles, any way possible to eventually become a warfare officer (age waiver, speaking to my ALCO, AIB board...) But there isn't much chance of that happening, so I thought that once I pass my AIB, get in to BRNC and prove my worth, that a few months over the 26 year limit may not be an issue and that I might be allowed to switch branches.
Also becoming a logie isn't such a bad thing, as it is still a good career path, but not as exciting for me as becoming a warfare officer.

So, I messed up, I Really want to join the RN, but I am unable in my situation to become a warfare officer, I also like the logie branch, but I would prefer to be in warfare. Is there any realistic way of becoming a warfare officer or could I prove my worth in any way to convince the afco to let me do my AIB before I am 26 ( my plan is to sign up for the RNR and obviously study a hell of a lot harder than I did last time), I am just trying to find a way to still realise my ambition and do well.

This isn't a winge, I am just trying to find a solution to my problem.


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Is it possible to join as a rate and then go the UY route to officer? Does the age limit still apply?

Chapter 50 looks like sir Humphry Applebee wrote it!!

So the answer is Yes UY age limit applies .
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When you look at the Role Finder, is there anything at Rating Entry level which catches your eye?

Role Finder | Royal Navy

It might be worth having a look now, just so that you can see all the options which are potentially open to you at the moment.

If there is something at Rating level which appeals, you might be able to discuss the SUY possibilities linked to that particular job with the ACLO when you see him/her next.

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