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changing to a commission

watching the aussies lose at any sport is better than a good w@nk, when we had the pleasure of winning the ashes in 2005 I was employing a cricket mad Aussie, the fun we had taking the p1ss out of him was priceless. :lol:
NZ_Bootneck said:
No, your olive branch is rejected on 2 counts
1) No photos of South African Girl Guides have as yet been posted.
2)You have a commando dagger behind your back.
Are you Sandmans brother?
Yarpies (South Africans, White) must not be allowed to pollute the racially pure Royal Marines, unless they wish to act as my batman.
Zulus, Bantus and others of darker hue are most welcome :shock: .

Not my brother AFAIK. And dude, The Girl guides... I've seen more effeminate Royals than those brick shyte houses... I think they have even harder entrance requirements than UKSF.

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