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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by 9inchesofheaven, Feb 13, 2007.

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  1. Are you able to apply for a commission once you're in the RM as a marine?
  2. how soon after passing out dunker
  3. if you want a commission go straight for that.

    even if you pass out and get a commission, you have to go through training again, so you would just be repeating what you just did.

    i would imagine you would need to show serious amounts of potential to get a commission straight after passing out.
    generally a bit of experience under your belt would help, and if you have a NCO rank that too would probably help your cause.

    this is a pretty bone question, do your training, then decide if you fancy doing it all again plus more. for all you know you could get MD out of training, so cross that bridge when you come to it.

    becoming a RM, then going to a commission ASAP, would mean you spend the best part of 2 years in training (probably more, considering that injuries are commonplace, and even if you get through RM training without being sent to hunter, chances are you will second time around)

    if your dont qualify for a commission, chances are, its like that for a good reason. the idea is you serve as a marine for a bit and develop or proove you have the required qualities. you cant really proove it if you havent been deployed.

  4. 9 inches are you ever going to do anything about this bootie fetish of yours? first it was questions about officers carrying pistols and can they choose!! (jeeeze)

    in the time youv'e spent discussing various pistols, bullets and other "boys own" walty topics you could have excelled yourself and joined the bloody girl guides (think of the officers uniform).

    were you abused as a child or something?

    what will the next post be "am I able to wear a commando dagger an eye patch and USMC issue glasses whilst polishing my de-activated water pistols"?

    get your arse down to Lympstone before you die of old age

    you have got to be a bite (or care in the community)
  5. To be fair to 9 inches, if I recall correctly from previous posts he lives in South Africa, therefore some of the quesitons he ask will seem odd, eg the bit about pistols might seem odd to us but all the South Africans I have meet have a bit of a thing for weapons. Also given the distance it is fair for him to ask questions that might seem odd, as he will not be aware of things that we take for granted in the media, previous experiences etc.

    9": Go for it and good luck.
  6. South African Girl Guides are ferkin nails mate,especially 4th Soweto troop,
    they could kick Royals @rse. :twisted:
  7. And looking at their accomodation, they would make excellent bivvies, for the use of, obviously
  8. Harry, the reason for asking a question is because you don't know the answer yourself. The questions I ask are relevant to me for my own personal reasons. If you think that a question is stupid why bother wasting your time in giving a stupid answer. All you're doing is making yourself look like a fool. As stumpy pointed out, I live in South Africa so I can't just walk into my local AFCO and ask questions or sign up (as much as I'd like to) so I rely on forums such as these to answer my questions about the RM. So stop being such a cnut and provide some useful advice or sod off!
  9. Mmmmm, yes so sorry, I must be kinder, I take it all back, one of your earlier questions should be given the respect it deserves, after all a bloke could decide to join the Corps as an officer based on the answer.
  10. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Dog tags??? jeez 9 inches, you might be from another country but what floats you boat mate? been watching a bit to much Top gun or been reading to many war stories? would you be so keen to join if you where still issued the green and red composite Id discs I wonder?? :shock:
  11. Harry if you actually made an effort to read my posts properly,you'd notice that those Q's (ie: dog tags and pistols) were asked on the behalf of the old man who wanted to know if it was still like the old days when he served. Rule of thumb young your research properly before you make brash I said yesterday relevance........

    now I'm not on this forum to have petty lil bitch fights,so I hope you'll except my truce offering..
  12. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    excepted and good luck. :lol:
  13. No, your olive branch is rejected on 2 counts
    1) No photos of South African Girl Guides have as yet been posted.
    2)You have a commando dagger behind your back.
    Are you Sandmans brother?
    Yarpies (South Africans, White) must not be allowed to pollute the racially pure Royal Marines, unless they wish to act as my batman.
    Zulus, Bantus and others of darker hue are most welcome :shock: .
  14. NZ don't get upset just coz hte Japies are winning the super 14. I will say well done on drubbing the aussies in the cricket yesterday though, I always enjoy watching those cocky bastards lose!!!!
  15. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    watching the aussies lose at any sport is better than a good [email protected], when we had the pleasure of winning the ashes in 2005 I was employing a cricket mad Aussie, the fun we had taking the p1ss out of him was priceless. :lol:
  16. Not my brother AFAIK. And dude, The Girl guides... I've seen more effeminate Royals than those brick shyte houses... I think they have even harder entrance requirements than UKSF.

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