Changing Roles

I'm currently an Apprentice Steward however, after having a serious think and just come off my first appointment on ship, I feel like being a Deckie would be much better suited to me.

Does anyone know if this is possible and how I would go about that? Would I need to leave an reapply, or could I transfer internally, and how would I do that?

RFA at HMS Raleigh, just wondering whether you have an info on this? I'm currently a steward but have a deckhand background (went for the wrong job in the RFA) no-one seems to know the process of changing and have been waiting for some info from hq for the past 3 months. Thank you
There is a process, but it depends if they are looking to take any LH(SC) at the moment. I understand that the role is quite healthy at the moment due to the absorbtion of ex STON and the fact the solid support ships are not up and running.
If you want to pm me I can make enquiries in the office tomorrow as am in HQ for a meeting.

4 years in, surely you are better placed to answer questions than ask them.
Um 4 years in I was just coming out of my OD phase and thinking should I look at my future, I would not have known much about the jobs process, but sure I could of found a chief who did, no internet in them days.

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