Changing reserve application to regulars?

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Namnams, Oct 8, 2012.

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  1. Hey,

    I have had a search on these forums but couldnt find much!

    Basically i began the application process for the reserves last year, i have passed the rt, medical and eye test and just have the pjft and interview to go. However, as i had to put my application on hold, i am finding that as i graduate in september there seems little point joining the reserves, as i would like to go regulars now i have the chance.

    Would i have to start my app again and do all of the tests again? Or can i straight up change and just continue woth the pjft etc? I know the waiting lists are long etc and i am prepared to wait! Just wondered before i pop into the afco how this works

    Many thanks
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    One query - why has it taken over 10 months to join the RNR without passing the PJFT?
  3. Oh whoops, by last year i go by my academic years, i forget normal people go by calendar years. I had the initial presentation in march/april kinda time and completed everything else as soon as i could, but had to pause my application and havent attempted the Pjft yet! Although i am fit so it is not a worry to me as long as i keep training.
  4. As a graduate you should be able to perform research, therefore, instead of using the lazy student attitude that someone will help me, try looking harder on this site as there is loads of info.
    Which Sept 2012 or 2013?
    Once you graduate school time is over its time to join the real world, if you really want something, chase as hard as you can, because no one will be as concerned as yourself.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Why haven't you attempted the PJFT? It should be taken within 28 days of passing the medical examination.

    Assuming your AFCO have been kept in the loop with regard the inordinately long time taken to join the RNR and are happy, then it's probably best to take & pass the PJFT before asking to join the regular service as all selection elements remain valid for as long as the RNR application remains "live".
  6. There is indeed a lot of information on this site, and also on the royal navy site itself- but nowhere have i seen a recent answer to what i was asking. Arent these forums in part a place to ask questions? And i have been in the 'real world' before, im not a wet behind the ears 21 year old, but thank you for your condescending reply!

    Thanks ninja_stoker, there is a reason and my careers office are happy for me to take the test when i am ready- the reasons for the sabbatical from the app are a little personal so please excuse me not posting on here- but i have kept them fully in the loop! Going in next week to see my advisor and hopefully get the pjft sorted!

    Yes some of the threads are old, but you would have been able to ascertain, that people do change their minds and that the RNR AIB if you have completed it is valid for RN.
    If you have completed some of the application, you need to complete the rest before you have to start all again.
    There are other threads of similar questions, which are much newer, these took seconds to find so how did you look?
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2012
  8. I think this is one Topic i think i can help on, But first, Quick story...
    I joined the reserves mid september 2011, (although i had attended that unit for a period of about six months a couple of years before, Leaving after a series of family issues left me without time to devote to the reserves)
    In december, I was asked by one of the training CPOs if i wanted to do my Basic (phase one) training with the regular navy at HMS Raleigh? as I was Unemployed at the time, I jumped at the chance, and went away in february to commence phase one training. Passing out in May, I managed to swing a place on a two week excercise in Cyprus in June, Followed Immediately by working as Venue Security at the Olympics (one of only nine Matelots in MTP) While I was at Raleigh, I will admit that I tried to petition my DO for transfer over to the regulars, he was unable to help, But i Signed the Paperwork for the regulars three days after Passing out. I had to go through a number of the tests again, But most of it was "for show", the Recruiter Knowing who I was, And what I wanted to Do. It wasn't until I went in for the third Interview (again) that I Learned that the Fact that I had Already Attended Raleigh had Knocked almost Two Years Off my estimated Waiting time.
    As I've still got a few more months left to go before I enter the regulars (Bypassing Phase one, I'm Being Classed as a Part- Trained Re-entrant) I plan on getting as Much Training Done with the reserves as I can.

    Another Point that my Divisional Officer And the Senior Rates In my Unit are Always Complaining about is the fact that you Request to join the reserves, and then request to join the Regs (As separate Applications), But not the other way around.
    If you stick with your Reserve Application for now, and then put in for a separate application, You'll get to enjoy Time with your local Reserve Unit, while gaining valuable experience, And If you can Do the Ten- Week Course, You might be able to knock some time off your (Probably Monumental) waiting time.

    (If you're Planning on going officer, Most of that won't apply. As far as i know, there is no way of Joining regular Officer training course as a Reserve, But certainly You will be able to gain Valuable Naval experience as You wait)

    There's Probably Something Useful for you in that mash of Text above, So I hope that I Could help.
  9. There's Nothing stopping you from running an RN and RNR application simultaneously. We have many in the pipeline who are applying for both. It is a simple paper exercise as far as i am aware to transfer your details over and you definately should not have to sit any of the exams, medical, RNFT etc before you join. Speak to your AFCO. You will also be able gain experience in the RNR while awaiting your joining date for the RN. Depending on your branch you could have a couple of years to wait after completing everything so you may as well get a feel for it before you're called forward.
  10. I think hes said everything I Said Much More efficiently: Listen to Him!

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