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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by brazenhussy, Jan 21, 2007.

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  1. So i have come to the conclusion life in the modern UK is pretty arse- and thinking life maybe greener down under!
    Dont get me wrong I like aspects of life here- but am sick of TB shafting those who get of their arse, and giving handouts to those who dont.
    Have sent email to the RAN recruitment bods, but wondered if anyone had any insight on wage, cost of living, how easy it is to take take kids and hubby with me?
    cheers for advice xx
  2. I know quiet a few WAFU`s who have gone down under Aus and NZ citizenship in 90 days, demoted a rank/rate thus CPO to PO, I believe they are actively recruiting, cost of living cheaper in Aussie generally. Thought of LONGLOOK ? to test the water.
  3. Hi Brazen

    I looked into it a short while ago and the RAN are actively recruiting so now would probably be a good time.

    Here are a few general links that might help you out.

    These are some of the answers I was given to my initial enquiry.

    This is my first enquiry and I would like to know if based on the information I have provided, am I likely to be considered a suitable candidate?
    Yes you are a very suitable candidate

    What would be the earliest that I could formally apply prior to leaving the RN?
    The process can take up to 12 months or longer a lot depends on the notice that you have to give the RN before discharge.

    If accepted, how soon after must I join the RAN?
    Normally once we decide on a date (Your choice) of enlistment into the RAN the you will be sign on at Australian High Commission in London then fly out to Aust that night. two day stopover somewhere (your choice) on the way out here, normally a week or so settling in out here then start work.

    What initial training would I need to undertake once I Join the RAN?
    Depends on what qualifications you have and what position our Navy want you to for fill.

    Would I be able to join holding the same rate that I leave the RN with or would I be required to join as an AB?
    Depends on what qualifications you have and what position our Navy want you to for fill. But at quick glance you would probably be offered a position as a LS with some seniority.

    thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the RAN. If you wish to continue to assess your suitability and professional standing could you please send me hard copies of your service history, Curriculum Vitae, your previous five (5) years of performance appraisals, and all courses completed and if possible the course content. These can be sent of the addressee below.

    This will allow us to make an accurate assessment of your Professional Qualification status.

    The process is a lengthy one and can take up to and over 12 months and entry is never guaranteed at any stage of the process. If you are interested please continue with your enquiry.

    Thank you,


    Chris Cummins
    Chief Petty Officer PT
    Staff Officer Overseas Entries (SOOE)
  4. cheers jimmy - well we'll see eh- got my rate in 98 so fingers crossed

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