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Hi all,

I've been thinking about this seriously for while and having seen what life is like in both roles I know I've ended up in the wrong one. I'm only a first trip cadet with a different company on the engine side but I'm seriously looking for a move to deck with a reputable outfit where I'll get world class training... hence RFA. I have heard of it being done but I'm not sure how it would be looked at in this case. My performance at college and sea have been very good but I don't want to force myself to finish this engine cadetship and completely close the door on deck side or seriously halt any progress I could be making.

Any advice would be great,


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I've heard of a failed Cadet E with a well known, well regarded commercial outfit remuster with the RFA as a Cadet X (pre AIB IIRC) where he failed again courtesy of the MCA, more than once. Good bye.

If I were a recruiter, I'm not , I wouldn't consider an applicant who had jumped ship and jumped branch after one term and one trip even if he did have the GCSE B + grades that the RFA insist on and for reasons of professional courtesy to the applicant's first employer who may resent the RFA poaching their Gadge.


I'm almost certain smart funding will have been accessed which would probably be a big problem. In terms of failing, I've not failed anything yet but can see how it looks. Thanks for the advice so far though.


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I asked this question for a cadet I met at college and was met with the answer that they could apply for a cadetship along with everyone else, and see how they get on.

Similarly to Seadog, I know of an ex-technical cadet who left and joined the RFA as an Deck cadet but failed to complete the cadetship.

I'm unsure as to whether SMART funding is a 'thing' the RFA use given that they're government - perhaps someone with more knowledge than I can clear that up.

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