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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by richardgriffiths, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. hi im new to this forum, ive passed all the tests now and i am waiting for a date to leave, im going in as a logistics stewerd (not my 1st choice, but it might be ok when in) i was just wondering when your in and your in your chosen trade is there opportunities to do sort of extra qualifications and courses that may help promotion etc?

    and are there chances to change trades after a few years or even get offered different trades that aint available to the public to join, my brother was a mechanic n was ill n couldnt serve on a ship and was given work to work in the gym and ive also heard theres easy jobs lyk pphotographers etc available when in,
  2. To be honest the chance of changing branch is pretty slim, but not impossible, you should of just stick with your first choice and wait it out.
    As for the chance of getting quals etc, its all down to you and how motivated you are.
  3. yea im planning on doing the 3 years at that trade and hopefully if i like it enought ill stick at it, if not ill see what i can do when im in i spose, ive also been told that the stewards and chefs in a few years are being merged together (brother in law is a petti oficer chef) wich might be interesting if that happens
  4. im quite happy to do this role, just sometimes the doubts you get from people saying crap and lies about the job and how much you trust whats listed on the navy careers page
  5. If someone told you being a steward is shite, they weren't lying mate.
  6. Says a Golly - at least he'll have all night in every night, won't be chipping and painting a PoS and won't have to do cable party going into Guzz at 2300 on a January night. I'm sure a killick steward is far more employable than a killick golly when they go outside.

    What was your first choice? Did you score high enough for entry as this trade?

    Yes there are sideways entry branches such as PTI and PHOT but don't bank on it being easy to get into one of these.

    Don't knock being a steward (or Logs (CS)(D) as we're calling them this month) I'm sure there's many a LSTD who would say don't be a dabber etc. Everyone has a part to play.

    Once you're in you can drive your own destiny. Work hard and crack on and you will be promoted. If you want to go sideways then work hard, crack on and in your spare time take on extra stuff relevant to what you want to go into and they may select you.
  7. My first choice was OM(EW), good sir, and I achieved an RT score that opened up all branches to me so I'm not some knuckle dragging dabber that took the only option available.

    Despite the all night in every night, I still hold by that being a dabber (especially a Golly) is a better way of doing your time. I'd rather be up top doing a bit of ships husbandry or seamanship than tidying up after the ossifers. As for quals when you're outside, the opportunities are there for bods from every branch to get decent quals when they're in that surpass anything pusser will give them for doing their phase 2/killicks courses etc.

    All that said, however, it didn't stop me from branch transferring to CT and living the dream on the darkside :wink:
  8. my first choice was warfair specalist, i got the grades but because i was red/green colorblind i couldnt do it, a few of the jobs i applied for i couldnt do it because of this, it bloody sucks, when my bro joined they didnt care about color blind or tattooes or grades etc, its a lot harder to get in nowdays but cheers for the info anyway :eek:
  9. Richard

    I hate correcting spelling and seldom do it, but just wanted to say that it is "Warfare".

    Probably just a typo because you were typing quickly, I know.
  10. Sorry, I wasn't questioning your RT score, that was aimed at the OP

    Agree with you there, actually OM(EW) was my second choice after OM(C) when I cross trained from WEM

    Again I agree.

    I just jumped into the thread to stick up for the underdogs, there's been some regular bashing of potential stewards on here. Every branch has a part to play, it's not my thing either but lets wait until they're in the mob before we give them sh!t.

    I'll say no more!!
  11. All night in, every night. That's why I re-catted from Golly to WE. To only have one middle watch every 4 days instead of 1 in 16 days.

    Yes I did re-cat back in '88. It took me a year of interviews, essay writing on how I could beneft the mob better by wanting a job that gives you more time in your pit - lots of waffle but got there in the end. There were several other dabbers who had gone to same route doing WE courses at Collingwood. Another reason I re-catted was for a greater selection of jobs when becoming a civvy again. Even though there were times I thoroughly enjoyed my job, there were times when I was genuinely scared sh1tless during the Iran\Iraq war, blowing a whistle and having a good scream are great attention grabbing events but wont get you a job outside.

    At the end of the day, if the mob thinks you will leave, you've been a good egg and there are vacancies in the new branch then you may have a chance. Never say never.
  12. MOD 1 Moron! Plenty of jobs for you out side shippers - NOT!!
  13. Any ideas anyone?
  14. Have you seen some of the photographs taken in recent years, doesn't look too easy to me! Looks like they spend a good deal of time right in the thick of it.
  15. FFS this has all the makings of a Nailz post!
  16. I think it's RNFlunky's CV
  17. I recatted from CK(SM) to AB(SSM) in '84 on medical grounds - arms were falling apart from contact with ADD in the flour! Took about 6-months all in all but had to go back to Raleigh and do the seamanship stuff there! (Diesel boat submariner went down like a lead balloon!). It can be done but you need a good reason to do it - "I don't like being a underwater soup jocky" will not get you a branch change!

    As for Photographer its not easy! Yes its all digital now but the RN snappers learn on film and you have to know your stuff with that! No job in the RN is easy in any form so get that idea out of your head once and for all!

    Yours aye,


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