Changing job selection after succesful selection interview.

i recently had my selection interview for Aircract controller, which im happy to say i passed, however i was then told the waiting time i had ahead of me and its a long time. my question is how would it look if i was to ask my afco about changing role to submariner? i was always torn between the two because they were the jobs that fascinated me and had i known about the waiting time i would almost certainly have gone submariner.

I do realise that i must seem a bit flakey, however this isn't the case, it was purely a pro's and cons thing in the end AC won that battle because waiting times never came into the equation.
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Submariner jobs are not that short of a waiting list i have been waiting 2 year and still not got a date so would be advised to chose your job off the waiting time Just go with what ever would suit you the most
What was the waiting time when you sat your RT? Because thats when your wait starts not when you pass your selection interview.

I for example, passed my RT in April 2011 and had my selection interview in June 2012 and when i asked about the current waiting times after my interview i was told it was still 24 months BUT that 24 months included the 14 months i had been waiting until i had my interview, so i now hopefully only have 10 months to wait.

So if you change from Aircraft Controller to a Submariner, you will be restarting the whole waiting process again and all those months you've waited to become an AC will have been a waste of time.

Also depending on your RT result, you might not have hit the mark needed to become what ever it is you want to do in the Submarines.

My advice would be to stick with the AC because by the time you restart the application process for becoming a Submariner, you could be well on your way to becoming an AC.
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