Changing face of Guzz

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by lsadirty, Oct 1, 2008.

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  1. For those who remember it, the crane over the Guzz nuclear refit complex was removed last weekend, and will be cut up on site for scrap. Incidentally, the firm who moved it and lowered it onto a barge preparatory for cutting up was Mammoet, the company which salvaged the KURSK.
    On another Guzz landmark, the Brown Bear, just up from the Old Chapel, torched by the landlord in an insurance scam a few years back, the site has been sold and the land will be rebuilt as flats. Another Devonport landmark gone, and will soon be forgotten.
  2. I bet i would not recognise the old place after best part of thirty years ??
  3. Being stuck on an estate near the airport, haven't been in the town centre for best part of a year, as for Devonport itself, being born and bred there, I don't want to go down there any more - too much change, and precious little of it for the better as far as I'm concerned................
  4. My sentiments too mate.
    BTW, I'm at Widewell, so not too far from the airport either :)
  5. Guzz does not have an airport, it's more of a landing strip surrounded by fog :w00t:
  6. What about the Avondale JD?
    I agree when ever we get the ferry home to france from Guzz we spend time in the city centre - so so depressing. The only thing that is still there is the Two Trees!!
  7. Is the Avondale still there ????
  8. Avondale is still there, I was in there last Wednesday and it is still the same, thank god.
  9. Is the oggie shop still there as well ???
  10. Oggie shop was still there in 2006 when I was last at Drake and I assume its still there.

    By the way, the Avondale has changed a fair bit though and it now has topless barmaids. Although I can vouch for the fact that they are not quite what you may wish for. :)
  11. [By the way, the Avondale has changed a fair bit though and it now has topless barmaids. Although I can vouch for the fact that they are not quite what you may wish for.b]The word gronks comes to mind .Ive just been on another forum talking about beer .Brings a question to mind is the plymouth brewery still there and working ?????
  12. Sorry Les, Plymouth Breweries was taken over by Courages yonks ago. The old Courage Brewery down by the Frigate Complex went a long time ago too: they ship the beer down by road from Park Royal in London and sell it about 30p a pint cheaper than I was paying for it in the Smoke (5 years ago anyway).
    They featured the Avondale on a Tv programme a few years back - topless barmaids are fine, but not when they're tattooed like a 60s stoker. Gronks is being kind - Horropigs is nearer the mark.
    My old stomping grounds in North Corner (now quaintly renamed Cornwall Beach) used to have 2 pubs at the bottom (Steam Packet and Swan), 2 at the top (Standard and Cambridge) - only the Steam Packet left now: went to a local reunion down there about 2 years ago, last time I went to Devonport. When I was a lot younger, you had Ma Boots, Two Triangles, Lord Hood, Caseys, Revenue (the last 2 still there), the Fleet Club, Marlborough, Marquess of Grandby, Ark Royal and the Railway. And they still say "You never go back to Devonport no more - why ?" Because there's buggerall left of what I remember !!!!!
  13. I used to enjoy going to the pubs along the back road in Devonport, The Grapes, Albert Gate and the Queens Dock. I know The Grapes has been renamed, but cannot for the life of me remember what it is.

    Caseys used to be a very popular haunt for us Penelope Communicators circa 81-83 as one, no, make that two of our lads were shagging a barmaid in there. :)
  14. Used to like the Brown Bear, straight out of the gates of South Yard and into the Brounw Bear. Used to make being in DED in south yard bearable (Excuse the pun)
  15. The brown bear burned down as few years ago. Wasn't that a pub for officers and brown hatters !!!
  16. Pub for occifers owned and run by Brown hatters :thumright:
  17. It was when i was in
  18. Is the Bulls Head still going ,just at the back of the strip behind the Two Trees?
  19. What's the difference? ^~ ^~
  20. The Old Chapel is now a CO-OP. It used to be great for Sunday afternoon drinking, just pay a pound for a bowl of pot mess and drink all afternoon. The Marquis of Granby was always good for a lock in too.
    None of its quite the same now. Jack Blairs now flats, Aggie Westons now apartments and the Complex has closed down

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