Changing e-mail addresses

Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Maxi_77, Jun 30, 2009.

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  1. Maxi_77

    Maxi_77 War Hero

    I would like to change my registered e-mail address but the system wont let me thoufh I have managed to change my ARRSE one without any difficulties.

  2. slim

    slim War Hero

    Hope you manage soon Peter or else you will not receive all the begging emails I send out :p
  3. Maxi_77

    Maxi_77 War Hero

    I knew there was something I was missing!
  4. Good_CO

    Good_CO New member

  5. Good_CO

    Good_CO New member

    Cancel last - you should be able to do it now. Sorry.
  6. Maxi_77

    Maxi_77 War Hero

    Well done GCO all done now, thanks.
  7. thingy

    thingy Supporters - GCM

    Saphirre and Peter, GCO is charging a Cancellation Fee to each of you for £500. The money goes into the COs' Tot Fund! :lol:
  8. thingy

    thingy Supporters - GCM

    Have you got fur circumnavigating your lips? :p Or not.... 8O

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