Changing branch while in selection?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by shotty44, Sep 23, 2010.

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  1. Long story short i failed my RT test last year but am still commited to joining the Royal Navy and have had an experienced year and have made many changes to my life but i was wondering becuase i am still on the first step of selecion is it possible to change branch or am i locked in from when i sat it last year?
  2. Writer, I think? :D
  3. I believe you can re-sit RT 12 months after your initial one. Therefore you might get higher marks and the trade you wanted in the first place
  4. What did your CA say to you about re-sitting the RT?
  5. So what happened to your degree that you were studying. Here
  6. You are not even in the recruiting process as you have yet to be successful at the test.
  7. One RR member I know in person applied as a WE and failed the test for that. He passed for WS, and he's now at colingwood training as a WS. If you passed for another branch, you should be able to change your application to that branch.
  8. janner

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    Spelling Collingwood correctly is obviously not a part of the AET entrance exam :wink:
  9. Why would it be? They do their Phase 2 at Sultan. :D
  10. Yea im on that degree, just feel like i made a massive mistake and am going to stop after i finish the first year because a military career is what im really after and when im finished in the navy i will finish the course part time and get a job so i get the best of both worlds.

    So i can ask to change branch when i go back and also it hasn't actually been a full year yet, i still have a month or so to go but should i still call them up now or wait until it has been a full year?

    and thanks for the really fast respone guys/girls
  11. You may have time to finish your degree with the waiting times as they are.
  12. Going to call them up when i come back from work later, see what they think down at the AFCO.
  13. It's always best to talk to your CA rather than try to seek help on here. Your own CA will know everything about you and be best placed to offer advice.

    We try our best on here, but without all the info it's always going to be difficult to get your story straight.

    Best of luck


  14. Holy fcking sh1t, you're studying for a degree and you can't pass the RN entry exam? What's the degree in, applied windowlicking?!!

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