Changing Branch of application.

Hi on my apllicaton/medical form i chose the job Na(ah) and chose the Fleet Air Arm branch. Yesterday i sat my RT and had a chat with a submariner and decided that this is what i want to do can i change from fleetair arm to engineering branch. I have my medical on the 27th is it to late to change my mind? Thanks Hughesie.


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Prior to joining the Royal Navy, you are at liberty to change your job choice as often as you wish, providing you are eligible for the chosen trade.

The problem is that those joining must be aware that they should not join in the expectation of being able to change trades after joining as you sign on to the effect that you accept the trade in which you chose to join.
Ah not like days of old, I joined as a wtr, recat to ck and then recated again to sa, it could be said that I was an s&s tiff (since I was crap at them all).... lol
If you change trades on your application does that mean you go back to the waiting times to go in? I origionally applied for AET got accepted on my result but at the time was told the waiting time was longer than WE, which was my second choice. That has all changed and now have to wait 24months. Although the AET waiting is going up now I am desperatet to get in. What do you reckon I should do Ninja?

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