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Hi all,

I'm currently half way through the application process for a Logistics Officer and have my SIFT Interview booked for December,and have been quoted April for my AIB and then depending on success at that starting training in September.

However,if I was to fail the SIFT interview or the AIB,I may consider switching my application to become a Logistics Supply Chain Rating,could anyone give me an estimated waiting time for this branch or process as I'm aware that Ratings have a much higher intake a year and that I have already completed stages such as the medical and fitness test.

Thanks for any information in advance.


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You can swap to any rating branch if you wish.

Off the top of my head Supply Chain is about six months...but if you switch your branch they will not displace anyone already allocated an entry date.
I am currently in the process of re joining the Royal Navy as a wtr. My application to process has been approved by my branch manager and has now been passed back to DNR for final signature. Does DNR also need to approve this, how much longer is the process likely to take and what are the next steps after this. Thanks for your help.


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It's CNR nowadays, but all that happens is CNR writes to your AFCO granting approval to process your application to rejoin, stating the conditions and pay increment under which you may join. If you are rejoining the same branch and you left less than five years ago, having completed training last time, you'll need to undergo Selection Interview, Medical, PJFT and gain SC prior to rejoining.
Thanks for your help. Guess I'll get a call in a few weeks then to take the next steps. Is the medical just the same as when you joined up first time around and the interview is that the same sort of thing? I was in for 5 years previously and left 4 years ago.


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The medical is pretty much the same as last time but you'll get a phonecall off a nurse to discus your medical history prior to the actual medical.

The interview likewise is pretty much the same as last time but you'll also discuss your reasons for leaving and wishing to rejoin.

Be aware you may not join on the same pay increment level you left on and the new contract is twelve years, minus the years you've already served. if you pass for killick, the contract extends to 20 years, less the years already served. Your previously earned pension remains preserved and you'll join on the AFPS 2015 scheme:

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