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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Jimbo3188, Dec 5, 2006.

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  1. Why the feck do the RN insist on changing the titles of people and branches?

    I've been in the RNR for only 6 years, and even I cant keep up with the changes and am always confused. SR's still refer to everything as it was decades ago (which is often easier), things on paper are different, and the people themselves dont have a clue.

    What is even funnier - is its not like the Army are doing the same.

    We are getting rid of Regulators, Supply Branch, Writers etc.

    The Army still calls its soldiers Kingsmen, Bombardiers, Forresters, Lancers, Sappers etc etc

    Why is it the RN that has to change?????

  2. It's in the spirit of Jointery. As the Senior Service, the Navy has to make the most changes, particularly as the Army is so hard pressed at the moment and needs the chance to catch up. It should also be noted that the Army, and to a lesser extent, the Air Force, become insecure when wearing anything other than DPM CS95. As a consequence, removing the Navy's identity will make it less of a blow when DPM is mandated as the standard working rig.

    It's the future, today.
  3. Erm..sorry to appear an ignoramus but WTF is DPM ( I left the mob in 75 and some of the new terminology is lost on me) and while I am here JPR ??
  4. Hey Loggie - where did you come across that bit about mandating DPM CS 95 then?

  5. Disruptive Pattern Material,Cammo gear. :lol: :lol:
  6. Apologies stirling - I neglected to answer your question because of the shock of hearing about this for the first time.

  7. Keep up! Changing branch names saves money! You can't have a hard-copy diary unless you buy your own, but we'll pay for the design and production of new branch badges 'til the cows come home.

    It comes from the same think tank that invented Topmast and other routes to an OBE. Or dancing to the government's tune, if you prefer.

    B**ger history - it teaches some of us nothing.
  8. Silver Fox

    The writings on the bulkhead. Last time I served with BFFI, I was frowned on for wearing OG rig. At least DPM is useful when not feeling on form; designed to look like a bag of poo tied up with string!
  9. ...AND FOR THE BENEFIT OF STIRLING the following link will explain:


    the rivet
  11. Dear Confused of Turnwells Bridge
    (where the h*ll is that)

    It is part of a new cost saving programme where the RN will be able to save shed loads of cash by buying all it's uniforms from the aemy surplus sales instead of having to buy new stuff from the manufacturere. The cash saved will allow each Jimmy to be able to paint ship at least once every 5 years.


    Your frozen aunty in the north
  12. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Nutty asked

    I have seen DPM being worn by WAFUs IIRC mid Atlantic (nothing to do with boarding). It satisfies, as a shipmate (a cynic not the guilty party) told me, a matelot's inner Andy McNab. Stranger still is (more than one ) officer in DPM and cap, white cover, Flag Officers, for the use of.

    Ask hammockhead, titles have been changing, added, taken away since Long John Silver had an egg on his shoulder. Post Captain anyone? Fleet Chief, Lieutenant Commander, Chief Petty Officer, Second Class PO,
    Leading Cook - Leading Chef-Leading Seaman (Scran), Old Warrant Officer, New Warrant Officer, Charge Chief-WO2, ET, Mechanician, ERA, Artificer 5, 4, 3, 2, 1st Class, Stoker, Stoker Mechanic, MEM, other EMs, MEM with brackets, OEM, OM. Okay a lot of it is recent but it isn't done on a whim. Doesn't mean I approve in every case and yes, it is hard keeping up. Keeps the seamstresses busy though.
  13. Cheers rivet :)
  14. Maybe the answer is for each new recruit to supply their own uniform????
  15. Damn, sent the thing before writing anything.

    Dear Confused

    sadly, some of our RN colleagues just love posing in someone else's kit! One positive thing about DPM is that you don't need to buy in pot plants to keep the workplace decorated.

    As far as I remember, Tumwells Bridge is not too far from that country lane that goes round London, eh, what?
  16. What like in Queen Victorias RN & Army Regiments when the CO decided on the Colours, Material & cut & paid for the Uniform (or not so Uniform as it would become.
    Would not need Cap Tallies...............ahh look the Ships Company of 'Lusty', all in Pink, 'how nice' The Edinburgh crew in Tartan, Montrose sponsored by Virgin all in Red.
    Perhaps it could lead to sponsored Ships as well, The HMS Lidl, Tesco & Aldi.
    What a sad slippery slope we are accelerating down.

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