Changes to SFA entitlement when drafted out of area

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by off_les_aura, Dec 16, 2010.

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  1. I was recently asked by some impertinent Killick Writer cnut why I had a quarter in Pompey while I'm working in Faslane. He reckons that I'm not entitled to GYH(M) even though last time I was up there I was in receipt.

    Not that it's any of his fcuking business. Has the preserved right for RN personnel to keep their quarter in Pompey/Guzz/Faslane when drafted to one of these areas been changed?

    Is it about to change?
  2. You have got to remember that the money belongs to the killick writer.
    I have found that a print out of the rules inserted up their left nostril usually has the desired effect.
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

  4. Cheers Ninj - basically then, he's talking out of his arse.

    It really grips my sh1t - if he was a civvy he'd be sacked for not being able to to his job properly, yet because we're all in the RN it's ok to give people crap customer service and duff gen.

    I've come across this sort of incompetence in this branch on more that one occasion. High time these people were taught in Phase 2 to not open your mouth or ask rude questions unless you are 100% sure of the facts.

    (Not a dig at all Writers - just the shite ones who don't know what they're on about)
  5. The white mafia have a law of their own! Many a time they fcuk up and it's not incompetence!
  6. White mafia underachievers

    30 Years and yet to complete a draft without them mucking up pay and allowances in some way. Didn't get paid one month in the 80's but was told not to worry as it will all be sorted next month.

    Still waiting for refund of food charges and payment of LSA from a deployment in September this year. They got it so wrong I ended up paying for the priveledge of being on ops. Been told not to worry as it will all be sorted in Decembers' pay.

    All this happens even though you go to the UPO and explain in words of one syllable, and provide them with their completed forms.

    Don't know about JPA being unfit for purpose but most of the writers aren't.

    Rant over.
  7. Civi writers are the way ahead. They genuinly are better than military writers/clerks.
  8. We're not all bad!

    Although that killick writer sounds gash. You are completely entitled to GYH(M), and if you're married you don't have to pay accomodation.
  9. Here's an idea. Put in a formal complaint. Get suited and booted and stand in front of the old man with your grief. If he's given you sh1t gen on your allowance (and it sounds like a faily simple question to me), then get him sorted (the killick, not the skipper !!). Many many times when I got sh1t I actually pleaded with folk to put in a formal complaint. I knew I was watertight but the system itself was sh1t. If enough people made it official then something would get done. The [email protected] Wtrs or whatever they are now called would get binned or at least made to sort themselves out, and the decent ones would get a better system to work with.

    The problem was though, that too many @rseholes (not saying this is one coz it's looks like you are bang on), couldn't be bothered to listen as to why things were fooked up. Quite happy to gob off at the white mafia, but not confident enough to put it in writing.

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