Changes to Criteria for Campaign Medals

At present, members of the Armed Forces who serve for 30 continuous days qualify for Iraq and Afghanistan campaign medals. Following a review, those who have served for an aggregate period of 45 days will also now be eligible. These changes will be backdated to the start of both operations.

Examples of Service personnel who could now be eligible include members of the aeromedical evacuation teams who accompany injured patients back to the UK.

Under the new plans, personnel who deploy for short periods of time will be allowed to build up accrued days to achieve an aggregate qualifying period of 45 days' service.

These changes have been approved by Her Majesty The Queen following recommendations by military Chiefs of Staff.

Serving personnel who believe they may now be eligible should apply through their unit admin staff.

Ex-Service personnel should contact the MOD Medal Office

This was posted by the Ministry of Defence. For more information click here.
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