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Just a quickie. A friend's nephew has recently passed all tests to enter the navy, and is just waiting for the call to tell him when to turn up etc. However, he is only 17, and is only joining the navy as that's what his older brother did (who incidentally loves it). His heart's not in it and what he really wants to do is continue wth his job, which will get him a good trade, but also an established business at the end.

The question is this - if he calls the recruiting office and tells them he's changed is mind, will he, if he were to change his mind later (he is only 17 and a typical teenager), still be able to join, or would pulling out now be frowned upon? Is it better to pull out now, rather than wasting everyone's time, if it's really not for him?

Never having any experience of the navy, I await your help.

Many thanks.

I'm a careers advisor in the Royal Navy. If he has any doubt at all he needs to go in and talk to his careers advisor.

If he decides not to go in at the moment it will not be held against him. If he joins and then decides to hand in his notice, it may be harder to get in later.

I still would say that he needs to talk to his careers advisor and discuss what his worries etc are. He will then be able to make the right decision.

Please also tell your friend that his parents could also come along and talk to the careers staff if they may help them all make the right decision.

Hope this helps you

Neil - Supermario

For the first time yet, I'm of the same mind as hig.

I would pull out now while the cost of recruitment is still low, and save everyone a lot of time and hassle, that way, there are no hard feelings and the option is still open in the future for him.
higthepig said:
WTF has cost to do with it? Are you people insane? HIS HEART IS NOT IN IT full stop.
Don't get me wrong Hig, no one should steal his dream. But he should have a balanced view on what's on offer. Most of the current careers staff will give him an honest view of life within the RN and life outside.

But at the end of the day he should do what he wants to do, not what anyone else wants him to do.




War Hero
Sentenashi said:
Yes, hig, we're insane.

Happy yet?

Or maybe you never will be, because cost was but one reason yet you still made a thing about it.
Please re-read Higs post. He is backing the youngster 100% by asking what the cost of processing him has to do with it. If he has a secure future ahead of him I would advise him NOT to join up. Seems that the main reason for joining is that his brother is in, what are the chances of him serving alongside his brother? In the Army brothers can claim their siblings, don't think the RN has the same scheme.
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