Change of location once notice is in.

Discussion in 'UPO' started by danny, May 16, 2014.

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  1. Hi I was just looking for some advice once you have submitted your notice to leave the service can you have a draft to a totally different location?
    The only reason I ask is that one the JPA screen when you put it in it states something along the lines of 'you may still be required to complete an out of location draft you were assigned previously' or words to that effect.
    Its not really an issue just wanting to know what the official line is.

    PS. I know people will say they can send you wherever they want and that maybe true (I'm not complaining if it is) I just want to know what the official line is.
  2. I think you've answered your own question.
  3. Well not at all, as I say the JPA screen brings in ambiguity to the matter. I just want to know for sure as if I can I would much rather stay where I am.
  4. I don't see the ambiguity, if you've been drafted and then put your notice you may still go on draft to that location.
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  5. Yes but what if you haven't been drafted. Maybe I wasn't clear enough.
  6. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I thought you were already based at Faslane.

    Out of curiosity, what's your reasons for chucking it?
  7. You can pretty much be drafted anywhere anytime, needs of service and all that. It doesn't change when you put your chit in. In fact drafty might see it as 'why stitch someone who's staying in, when I can stitch someone who's going anyway'.

    Also I think there is a get out on spending last x number of months ashore if you are going out on notice. That only counts if you are completing your contract apparently.

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  8. New bods that got sent to Falklands as a shore draft with only 6 months to go, when he asked about his going outside training and resettlement he was told he could sign on for extra time to complete resettlement?

    So a bit like Campari anytime, anyplace
  9. This is a perfect example of how shit the navy is. Like I say I have no issue going anywhere before I read that on JPA I just assumed you could be sent anywhere anyway. If there was a chance of a rule which was going to benefit me of course I would use it.
    But making lads sign on to do resettlement is just bad management is 12 months notice not long enough?
  10. Look at the resettlement JSP, can't remember the the JSP number of the top of my head but you should be able to get a definitive answer from there. Personal experience when I had my notice in, I was drafted to the other side of the country to where I wanted to relocate after leaving, I had a cushy inboard draft so couldn't complain on that front. But when I asked drafty if I could finish my time in faslamabad as it was closer to where I was relocating, he told me they needed killicks where I was drafted and there was no chance. I had to withdraw my notice, because trying to juggle family, leave, resettlement and my job whilst doing a thousand mile round trip was a nightmare and my tx date was creeping up fast and I managed to get **** all achieved to go outside.

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  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The problem is that anyone can submit notice to quit after completing SITP and the knock-on effect is that instead of 18 months notice in which to recruit & train a relief at AB2 level (as used to be the case), there is now only 12 months to fill the billet with a trained equivalent.

    Whilst I can see that individuals will see it as "not my problem", the knock-on effect is that someone may have to go to sea early out of turn in a non-preference baseport area to fill the upcoming gap. The person more hacked-off is the person who thought they were going to be inboard for longer. It would be easy to blame "management" but it's just a fact of life in the service - as we get smaller there's less flex and as has been stated, far rather a person leaving picks-up the slack whilst serving out their notice than hack-off someone who continues to serve.

    Difficult shout, but what is the solution? Leave?
  12. I've heard of guys who are on EC/2OE who've put their notice in and been told they aren't entitled to their final months ashore because that's only for people who are finishing their current contract. It is all very unfortunate but I also see that it's probably the only way to manage stuff at the pointy end. What it all goes to show is that we are operating with nowhere near enough flexibility in the system.

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  13. the worst part is it's self perpetuating as well. A chief who has done his 22 and some and would do another 22 if they will let him even said do what's right for you because he navy don't care about us. I know a lot of people talk like that but to hear him talk like that really shocked me as to how far gone the navy is. At least it's engineers anyway.
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I often hear people say "The Navy doesn't care" or "they never return the loyalty given" but truth is you have a transient management team who may only do the job for a couple of years before spending a few years ashore. It isn't so much the "Navy" doesn't care, it's the personalities that care but those in key positions change that often that it feels as though your hard work usually goes unnoticed.
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  15. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    This is an example of how not shit the navy is actually. What they are saying is that submit your 12 months and go then if you want to. If however you agree to another draft in that time then in order to benefit from the full wack of GRT etc, then you may sign on to complete the time if you want to. ie be paid whilst you do your EVT's and take GRT etc. There are not many civilian companies that would give you that option. But you are welcome to go and join them.
  16. Nope. They don't let you submit notice and just go then. Not in many branches anyway. What it is is, put your notice in, we'll get the last ounce of blood out of you then extend you a bit longer to get the resettlement to which you are entitled and we go on about as a positive of service. There are not many civilian companies which require 12 months notice and make you stick to it either. It's an underhand way of getting notice back to as close to 18 months as they can.

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  17. Honestly, I would challenge that. GRT etc is an entitlement based on length of service, not service in relation to contract. I bet if you told Drafty (actual) you were going to sue him, you'd soon get your GRT at the right time and place. The pusser is shit enough at employment law as it is, they'll bound to **** it up.
  18. You're probably right on that. What's annoying is the constant need to threaten legal action to get the result you should get automatically. It's like by giving you the GRT you've earned through service they're doing you a favour.

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  19. No many civilian companies wouldn't give you that option, but Ive done a lot of things that civilians wouldn't ever have had to do either.
    That comparison fails totally.
    The Army and RM in general do not have this issue and from my personal experience having worked with both are much more helpful when it comes to resettlement.
    I didn't come on here to drip at all, I just wanted to know if there was a rule that was to my benefit for once. It seems there isn't and I have never tried to shirk anything and still won't.
  20. Check the JSP

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