Change of heart - Ninja or SM about??

Hi folks
My cousin recently passed his AIB, applying as a warfare submariner officer. He is only 19 and has been getting cold feet of late and is worried that now he has passed AIB, if they give him a start date at BRNC that he HAS to go?

As well as all my efforts to persuade him that joining the RN is prob the best opportunity that he could have at his age, I would also like to be able to tell him that no, he isnt definitely tied in 100% so hi sbest bet is to think things through properly rather than get up tight and stressed now needlessly.

Im pretty sure he will get over what are probably just nerves, but best to be fully informed!!

Maybe Ninja or SuperMario could confirm??

Many thanks

Congratulations to your cousin on his success.
many try the board and many fail, he has obviously shown the board that he is occifer potential, the fact that he is nervous about committing is not a bad thing, it is perfectly normal, even potential wafus feel that way (I did).
As he hasn't signed anything he can pull out at any time, BUT, if he does he will probably regret it for the rest of his life.
Tell him to go for it, grasp the opportunity with both hands and wrap his legs around it as well. Do not let this chance get away.
In five years time he will look back and wonder where the nerves came from.
I think every one gets cold feet, i got it before i went off to join the marines, especially as a young lad leaving your comfort zone into something completely different.


War Hero
Yep, I'd certainly agree that everyone has reservations- I still have them 28 years later & certainly had them when I first joined.

To to assure everyone & anyone, NO-ONE is obliged to join the service even if they pass all elements of selection & are offered a provisional entry date. You are free to turn the job down at any stage, up until after you have physically signed on. All we ask is that if they're definitely not joining, just let us know soonest so that one of those on the standby-list can take-up the training place.

The AIB pass remains valid for 12 months & providing there is a later entry date within that period & he's scored high enough to get selected again, then he may join later.

If he joins & really doesn't like it, he has the opportunity to leave, usually within the first 6 months anyway. If he's in any doubt all he need do is speak with the ACLO.
Cheers all, much appreciated.

Totally agree with all the points made - such opportunities rarely come along so they are always worth grabbing hold of!


He can Voluntarily Withdraw From Training (VOLWFT) at any point during his time at BRNC. Candidates joining under the old system, could withdraw at any point upto the day before their Fleet Board, however as under the training system that has just come into effect, Common Fleet Time and Fleet Board have been massively altered/scrapped, I'm not sure what this means for new joiners, except that at any time during BRNC, you can walk away.
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