Change in AC Professional Training


Lantern Swinger
Righteous_Canary said:
I've joined as an AC and I'm in week 4 at Raleigh atm. I've had no information about the AC training. We were meant to have Phase 2 briefings but no fecker from Yeovilton bothered to turn up for my AC brief.

Its a bit shite to think I have to get the information from an internet forum rather than the official training establishment. lol

Welcome to the branch! Don't worry, you'll be picking up your killicks 20 minutes out of training... honest.


captainobvious said:
thank * for that, wonder how long it'll take to come into effect though, and how long it'll be before we've got chockheads doing local/ground again?

This is taking effect as from 06.06.2010 (my intake)