Chances of passing my medical?: previous mental health



By June 2021, over a year and a half from now, I will have graduated with a Business and Management (BA) degree. Upon graduation I would like to join the Royal Navy as a logistics officers. In terms of my fitness and medical I believe I would pass, other than I have previous mental health on my records.

Most recently, in May of this year (2019) I took an overdose and self harmed. I have never done this before but it was all due to a mixture of grief, living situation [abusive], lack of sleep, exhausation and financial problems. I was on medication from May till July but came off as they did nothing for me other than make me feel zombie-like. I have now recovered, quite quickly, and my living situation is much better. I wonder if this alone would be a barrier of entry into the navy?

Then about 4 years ago, I was put on an anti-anxiety, which I was on for about 6 months. I was a bit of a party boy / street drinker in my teens. I suddenly stopped and doctor suggested I go on a anti-anxiety to help me with this. And when I was 14, so 8 years, I was taken to the GP by my parents as they caught me doing solvents & so I think this would be on my medical records.

I've also never been diagnosed with any mental health condition.
I still have a degree to finish, which will be done with nearly two years away from now. I am wondering if anyone knows would these things would stop me joining once I have finished my degree?

Thanks for any help

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