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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by IconicBuck, Aug 19, 2012.

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  1. Just a general sum up ,im 16 just finished my GCSE's ( i get results on the 23rd ) hopefully i can get the grades and move onto A levels , but the thing is I'm not a A* or A student more of a B or C but i enjoy what im good at, my school does CCF and I'm a petty officer cadet in that (highest rank throughout the section NCO) and the officer in charge says id make a great officer in the navy, but he doesn't know me on a educational bases just CCF.
    My math is C ( did foundation ) level im not terrible just takes me a while to get the answer my english is standard. so is my science but subjects like DT ( hands on subjects ) im good at predicted a A* in that , im also into navy camps and course went on a summer one recently joint with ccf army sections and loved every second of it even the banter, adventure camps and leadership course are some things i want to do ( would that make up for a lack of high level education)

    BASICALLY what im trying to say, its there a chance for someone who mite not be amazingly good at the sit down at a desk and do sums and essays all day but instead makes up for that lack on the practical side.

    im going on the 22nd for my ICP and ill mention this to a officer there no doubt i just wanna get peoples opinions here as people have actually been in the servers here.

    ( New to the website )
  2. Best concentrate on improving your educational qualifications, especially English has a (capital letter as does I when being used as I am etc). The word wanna does not exist, work hard and you may attain the A levels required.
    Royal Naval officer is not for everyone, the RN want the best so set the standards to try and obtain that.
    Life on the lower deck is not too bad, shine and promotion to senior NCO can be fast,especially if you choose a branch which takes those who can barely pass the educational tests.
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  3. thanks for the constructive criticism.
    i have considered life as a rating but the only job i would want to do would be engineer ( marine would be cool to ) i just have also aspired to be a officer. you still didn't answer my question though

    its there a chance for someone who mite not be amazingly good at the sit down at a desk and do sums and essays all day but instead makes up for that lack on the practical side.

  4. The answer in a nutshell is No No No No No.
    Your spelling is abysmal, engineers work with mathematics not sums and to become an officer requires a much higher level of education that you currently have. Dedication, fitness and practicality whilst all admiralble traits do not in themselves make officer material.
    The only way for you to achieve your holy grail will be to study hard during the next two years and achieve the required UCAS points.
    Sorry if I have pissed on your parade but such is life!
  5. Magda

    Magda War Hero Book Reviewer

    If the high calibre of candidate the AIB appear to be looking for now is anything to go by, you will need to work very hard to be in with a chance. I know of a very pleasant, bright lad who sat his AIB not too long ago, and didn't pass when we all expected him to.

    As Slim has stated, you need to improve your English skills vastly in order to be even considered. Whilst you could argue that "it's only a website, what does it matter?", consider that a) RN recruiters frequent this site and b) every word you write could be considered as good practice for your A-levels. If you write as you do above constantly, whatever you think, certain errors will become habit and let you down in examinations and essays.
  6. You are 16 and much can change in the education of a teenage male, so take the criticism on board but also realise you are by no means a finished product and there is time to sort your self out.

    Officers are basically administrators, so the sit down stuff is vital. Even as an infantry Officer you may have one or two tours doing warry fighting stuff then you'll be promoted in to a world of SJARs, going to court to say how vital Private Mongface is to the Army, and walking your lab.
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  7. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    You asked for advice and you have been given it. Take my word it is good advice. No-one wishes to dampen your spirits but the fact remains, you appear not to have the required education at this time. Go and study hard, get your qualifications, and who knows what you may achieve in the future. Good luck to you.
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    As another one of those cool marine engineering blokes that never made the grade, the simple fact is that promotion from the ranks, after joining as a rating needs 5 GCSE's including maths & English (A*-C) besides excelling in all other aspects of the job.

    Can it be done? Absolutely. Aim high, but as correctly advised by others, it isn't going to happen overnight.

    Good luck.
  9. I'm wanna need tell you slim honkey man dat de word wanna is a good word and it do exist. It may not be inglish but it right real good for the speak ta bruvers.
    Tank ya fer listnin Mr Slim i is obl i is gratf, i is appy.
  10. Ahhh so your the foreign chappy that keeps asking how to apply on the RN's facebook...
  11. Allo dere me man Rummers, you correct in hall respects, however the honky wants to be a hoccifer and dey gotta speek de queens inglish bro.

    Luv & respect bro
  12. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    te he he !!!!
  13. Focus on achieving good AS/A Level grades. Use the chance to become a future RN Officer as your motivation if you find it lacking. Maybe try for RN scholarship if your GCSE's meet the standard? Could be a good way of determining whether you really do wanted to become a future Officer in the Royal Navy.
  14. Some great advice on here, do as much as you
    Can as best you can at school, then take it from there.

    Personally I joined as a rating and now as a senior rate I'm going through the CW/SUY process. Not to sure on the criteria for UY (Upper yardy- jr under the age of 27) but I'm an SUY (senior upper yardy- 27 and over, 12 months as a senior rate) I need 4 GCSE's, maths & english plus two others at C or above.

    If you have access to the intranet at your unit look up BRd3 chapter 50, I will have a look tomorrow when I pop in or someone on here at work will inform you.

    Either way good luck.

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  15. Looks like you are doing it the hard way, best of luck with your GCSEs
  16. Thanks slim,

    I got my last GCSE squared away last week, now just the AIB and extraction to go.

    If I could use hindsight would I of tried harder at school, sat my A-levels and joined as an Officer? I don't know. But my advice to old shippers is to go for it.

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