Chances of changing from Warfare GS to Aircrew?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Ruester, Jun 10, 2011.

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  1. Hello all

    Hoping those of you in the know might be able to help me.

    I applied to the RN in Jan 09 as Aircrew Pilot but failed my AIB in Jan 10. I have now passed my AIB in March and have been given a date for BRNC starting in September. I was however informed that due to SDSR aircrew recruitment for Pilot had been suspended for the time being and that the first intake of YO's for Pilot would most likely be April 12. As I'm 25 I would be too old to join by that point so went for Warfare GS. My question is whether or not it is possible to change from Warfare GS to Aircrew Pilot once at Dartmouth or is this a complete non starter?

    Delighted to be joining as an officer regardless but just thought I'd ask anyway. Also very happy to have joined the RR community....some brilliant banter throughout
  2. You'd be too old for "GL WAFU" (i.e. Warfare Officer who goes flying). No exceptions I'm afraid, we've got more than enough pilots.
  3. Ruester

    Although flying in your spare time could never be the same as actually being employed as a pilot, there will be opportunities such as the following, which may be of interest to you later on:

    Home Page Local

    It may be scant consolation, but it's something.

    An illustrious Rum Rationer did some gliding not long ago and he had an absolutely brilliant time!
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep, them's the rules.

    In any case if there's no vacancies for direct entry pilots, any sideways entrant aircrew applicants are well ahead in the queue already unfortunately.

    If 3D navigation is what you seek - how's about submariner?
  5. Frank and quick response...many thanks. Wasn't holding out much hope but thought if you don't ask you don't get. Did a lot of gliding as an air cadet many years ago and loved it so will have a look at those options.

    Brother was a submariner and I'll probably volunteer for submarine service but am currently prevented due to my dual nationality. Born in Belgium and renouncing the useless thing at the moment which will make me a full British citizen.

    Also, slightly unrelated to the subject of the thread, are YO's of 25 a rare sight at Dartmouth or are there a fair few who join after a having a short career as a civvie first? It won't bother me if I am in the minority but would be nice to know the rough age demographic of YO's these days.
  6. I would suggest that 25 is on the high side of average, but not unduly high.

    It does mean you are highly unlikely to be the Admiral from your entry, but should be good to get to Capt RN/Cdre if you're good enough!
  7. Thanks ATG. Can't rewind the hands of time so I'll just crack on with things I suppose. Just over the bloody moon to finally have an entry date and get on with it. First applied in Jan 09 and it's been a soul destroying process to keep going in the dirty world of finance. Top it all off, the buggers are making me redundant as well. At least their timing couldn't be any better.

    Anyway, light at the end of the tunnel :)

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