Chance meetings

Yesterday having a quiet pint a lunchtime (was past the yardarm) and three blokes walked in looking for some sran. I sort of reconised on of them and had to go and ask if he was ever in the Navy. he said yes, then on the Invincible. Turned out to be my CCMEA on porp sect Joe ######. My point is have anyone else out there met any old ship mates in strange places/circumstances.

Its 1982 and I am ambling across Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1 between the Coach and Railway Stations. When a passing coach slams on his brakes the window opens and a voice shouts out "Nutty you cnut". The Nutty bit was OK but now I was Plod the cnut bit hurt until I looked up to see Ordinary Seaman Fezz Parker, the baby of the fwd mess HMS/m Opportune, of which I had been the killick 10 years before, sitting in the drivers seat having just come up from Pompey, now also a civvie.

Abandons coach in the middle of the road for a long chat. All legal cos I, in my capacity as plod, had given him authority.

I used to look after a Sea Cadet unit in Brum. On one of my regular trips up from Pompey I stopped at Oxford services. Just as I was about to get out of the car another vehicle parked alongside me. As we both got out we eyeballed each other. "Daisy"? I queried. "Shorty", he countered. He had been the killick doc on Eskimo ten tears previously.

Semper Strenuissima
At last years Remembrance Day service held at the Dhekelia base here in Cyprus, (I have a serving Squaddie as an oppo who fixed it for me to attend) I was wearing the standard blazer etc, and proudly sporting my Dolphins. I then spotted another guy wearing identical rig to me, and went over to shake his hand etc, when we both suddenly realised that we had served together on a boat 40 years ago!
A dit session is planned!

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