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Lantern Swinger
Was sent to the city of Dundee yesterday to cover the SPL match between Dundee Ytd and St Mirren. Arrived far too early so went for a walk, had a look in shops etc then headed back to the ground intending to pick up my kit and set up in the photographers room etc: However as I got to where my car was parked I noticed a bloke getting out of his one a 100 yards up from me. I though "Thats ****** off the Glasgow!", shouted his name and sure enough it was. He was the other LS(S) on Glasgow! I knew he supported one of the Dundee teams but couldn't remember which one (The grounds are 100 yards apart!) as one of the OM(UW) supported the other one! Need less to say we went for a drink (soft as we were both driving), exchanged phone numbers and hope to meet up again. So has anyone else had a meeting like this? Getting on with you job and then meeting a old mate from the mob?
Ambling across the road that runs between Victoria Railway Station and the coach station, when a coach drives at me, stops about 3 inches from my face and blows his horn. Now being Plod in plain clothes I am getting ready for a bit of agro when the coach driver jumps out and shouts "Nutty you cnut" Now as this was 1983 and the last time I had been called Nutty was 1972 my agile detectives brain sprung into action. Thinks this must be Jack. I am good even if I say so myself. It was O/S then A/B Nosey Parker the OD of my mess when I was Killick of the forward mess on SS20.

He then says "I had better move the coach" me, "Naw don't bother I am local plod you now have authority to park there" retire for a chinwag.


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