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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by thereverend, May 2, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone know if the use of medication such as Champex or Zyban would in anyway cause me problems with my joining. I know that there are a large number of side effects that could occur, even messing up my menstrual cycle heaven forbid, hence my asking.

    Is it likely that they would want to see if my course of treatment resulted in me having nasty side effects and putting my entry on hold?
  2. Mate, just stop putting cigarettes into your mouth and igniting them. Bit of self control at this stage would be a good preparation for your training.
  3. Totally agree. Stopping putting them in the mouth worked for me. No need for drugs
  4. Have you tried any of the patches or gum? Being a trained NHS stop smoking advisor ( :happy2: ) I would recommend popping in to your local one. Many offer Champex, and with the weekly meetings if you are suffering side effects there are other treatments to try; and you will get them all for the price of a prescription, what a bargain. Cannot say about the joining part as I have no idea, but 6 weeks is all most people need, even those who have been smoking for years and years.

    Good luck, it will be worth it.
  5. Aye, I appreciate your advice Jonno and I know that is all it boils down to at the end of the day. I'm just desperate to get this nasty habit kicked into touch. My problem at the moment is that I'm not working so I often find myself with spare time in which it's all too easy to just make a roll. If I'm busy then I have no problems whatsoever in avoiding it. Just hard to keep myself constantly doing something.

    Anyone got any other useful tips on getting shot of these little feckers? I've done the patches, done the gum, inhilators, tried it using nothing and my favourite technique which was replacing them with the occasional cigar.
  6. Aye Beeline, tried pretty much everything that is on offer. Been to my local clinic a few times. This last month I have managed to cut down from 30+ a day down to 10ish.
  7. If you are not working I would strongly suggest that you do a cold turkey approach and look to dedicate yourself to quitting. Seriously mate, it will be a real achievement if you can do this. Start a blog on here, and when you lose your rag you can always pick a retard out for special treatment. :D

    Throw your ciggies out now, launder all your clothes, open the windows and get rid of the cigarette smell. Every time you fancy a cigarette do either 10-20 pressups, or drink a pint of water. Beast yourself and illustrate that you are in control, and capable of pushing through a challenge.
  8. Rev

    Seriously don't cut down just stop it's the only way, 100% mental attitude! Get rid of all smoking tools. Then use running or exercise as a tool to assist not smoking. Watch what you eat and you can stop.
  9. Thats an achievement in itself though, was that sheer will power or did you use the patches etc? Try getting on a 6 week programme in a quiet clinic, they will have more time, advice, & resources to help you. Sounds like although you have tried it, you just need the last push. Maybe try the Champex, see how you get on- every medicine has scary side effects, mostly to cover them if you do have a reaction; you might be ok though!
  10. This actually explains a lot ;)

    Seriously though, you and Tommo are right on the beasting myself front. Seems like a good idea to turn any rage into a positive.
  11. Was mainly using an inhilator. The clinic you describe sounds like a very different place to the one I've used. Was just a case of turning up, breathing into one of those fancy little boxes and getting a prescription.

    Not really an achievement until I've quit smoking in my eyes though.
  12. I work in a chemist in which we run the service, just a local pharmacy and what happens is people just pop in and say they are interested in joining. Then it just consists of a 'meeting' a week, total informal and in a consultation booth so relaxed and what happens is obviously do the chest flow and all of the medical bits and bobs; but also we have training to give advice totally tailored to the individual. Just a 10-20 min meeting a week when is best for you, you can chat about what you're finding hard, what your triggers are and everything like that. Try a small pharmacy, the large ones tend to not be able to spare staff for more than a few mins to do the basics.
  13. If I stop smoking for just one day my testosterone levels fly up, I can even throw things further and harder than usual! I would love to be a trained Stop Smoking jobo... "Can you help me stop smoking please?" me: "Ok, basically do not have a cigarette and just take patches, inhilators whatever and you might stop, if they do not work just don't smoke!" and get paid for it£££ :D:D:D
  14. It's not Champex, it's Champix.

    When I looked at the website for Champex, I almost suffered a nasty side-effect myself - I nearly died laughing!

    Champix is included in this useful NHS website:

    This isn't being facetious, but doing more swimming might help - you will feel fitter and you can't smoke at the same time.

    One other thing to add. Most women loathe kissing men who have been smoking, especially if the bloke has had a few beers as well. Being kissed by a guy who has been smoking all evening is truly vile.

    Giving up smoking might mean more kisses from attractive women.

    Is that the incentive you need?
  15. It is not a job in itself, I do do other things as well- it is more an extra I for some reason volunteered to do to break the days up a bit.
  16. If you had any self control you would have cut deeper, longer and WITH the vein not across. I hope you die in a bizarre bedsit fire surrounded by your family and friends
  17. I suppose if I did do it I could ask the clients that if they wish to cut down and not stop straight away, I could offer the very cheap prices I get tobacco and cigarettes for, thus making the voluntary side of it "profitable" :D
  18. Why do you know so much about this? Did you join the forces before doctors made medical notes about every tiny detail of anything and before the armed forces "just" decided it was a very silly problem?
  19. I hope you fall asleep with a cig in your mouth Matt.

    Soleil, I also noticed that but was under the impression Champix is what it is marketed as in the states. Still, handy to know if I want to clear out the old pipework.

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