Chamonix Accommodation?

Discussion in 'Travel & The Great Outdoors' started by alchef, Jan 6, 2014.

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  1. I have heard a rumour that there is some cheap accommodation in Chamonix for serving NATO forces guys. Can anyone shed light on whether or not this is true? Thanks in advance!
  2. Get in touch with the RNWSA, and go to the championships open to everyone.
  3. Chamonix does not really fit anything you are looking for, it is a resort best suited to experts especially who those love off piste, you cannot walk to the lifts from town you have to take a bus, and the nightlife is fairly heavy.

    From Geneva there are a huge amount of resorts I would look at maybe around Portes de Soleil ski area Avoiaz is nice.

    The good thing is that after the 6th Jan is pretty much low season so room wise you should be able to find a decent priced accom.
  4. Alchef - I don't know if you are still looking for accomodation and for how many people, but we have friends who have just finished doing up an old ski chalet in that area and would be happy to see some 'guinea pigs' to 'fault find' everything! It sleeps 10 to 12 I think.

    If interested pm me.
  5. Mia


    Mr Alchef :
    You asked a question that there is some accommodation in Chamonix for NATO forces guys ,
    There are many accommodations there but not only for NATO forces but for all those who visited Chamonix.
    I want to share some info about that place for accommodation
    Spend your winter in the mountains
    · Spend some time to really improve your skiing or snowboarding.
    · Enjoy fabulous environment of the mountains
    Hotels for stay are
    · Le Vert hotel
    · Au Berg Du Manoir
    · Grand Hotel Des Alpes etc
  6. I must say Mia, your shared suggestions are helpful. I think it will be useful for those who wanted to visit this region and have not idea about its accommodations. Can you tell me which the special dish of Le Vert hotel is?
  7. Snorkers and shit on a raft.
  8. Hi all, for some reason I never got emails saying some people had replied. For those who gave me some hotel names thank you. Slocomeb, I don't know how you know what I was looking to do, but thanks for sticking your oar in! If anyone is looking to go to Chamonix, I can highly recommend Mountain Drop Offs for transfers, Mountain Highs for cheap hostel accomodation, Camping Les Barrats for summer camping and Concept Pro Shop for good ski kit. If anyone is planning a trip then feel free to get in touch and I'm happy to let you know what I've found out about the area (I've been there for 5 weeks of skiing, speed riding and paragliding).
  9. Alchef! I think you had great fun there and share nice views about your tour. I would like to go there to enjoy the Paragliding because I love adventure and I had enjoyed the Paragliding in Australian mountains. you gave me the idea of my next adventure destination. I will be go there in my next vacations after my west coast tour and meeting with my business partner.

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