Ch5 - Gibraltar - Britain In The Sun - Tuesday, 7th January 2014 - 20:00


"During the summer Gibraltar has been gridlocked with traffic over a dispute with Spain that is being played out at the border. One local who has used the current troubles as inspiration, however, is local explorer Tito. He and his fellow re-enactment buddies march to the top of the Rock to fire a ten-gun salute and explode a 64-pound cannon in the direction of Spain.

We also see the return of Dr Eric Shaw, head of ape management. He is trying to trap a feisty female with his beloved ketamine gun as part of an international scientific project. Things do not go quite according to plan, however, when some of the monkeys go ape at Eric.

At the top of the Rock, Gibraltar's top tourist attraction, the cable car, is undergoing some major maintenance work. Brixton-born Derrick has to ascend three terrifying towers to grease the wheels before the cable car opens to the public. With fierce winds and a 412-metre tower to contend with, this is not a job for the faint-hearted.

On the water the marine police get a call to attend a serious emergency. A car has rolled into the port, but when they get there they have to find out whether it has sunk with someone inside..."

Episode 1 | Gibraltar: Britain In The Sun | Channel 5
All good stuff I suspect, a lot will probably take a gander at the old place, like it or dislike it Gib has played its part in a lot of our lives and most will have vivid memories of the place.
First visit on SSN03, fight with dockyard police, how was I to know they didn't consider themselves as Spanish Bastards? hardly a fight, really, more of a filling in. Several other subsequent incidents. 30 days stoppage of leave and pay and 14 days nines. So young, so foolish.:sad2:

So very, very pissed.
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