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Ceri Blair. Tony was economical with the Truth it seems!


trelawney126 said:**http%3A//

No - I don't believe it. Not the Blessed Saint Tone of Londinium. Say it ain't so!!!!

I wonder if he’s got an Equity card yet.

I know he’s deeply religious and is no doubt sh!t scared he’s going to be judged harshly in the next life, but is it too much to ask that he gets judged by a court in this one? :dontknow:
Yep! Broon is selling off more large chunks of the UK :roll: -- seems his cockup with the gold underselling didn't teach him to think before engaging the space where his brain ought to be .... :evil:


Lantern Swinger
Hmmm!, So the beloved Cherrie St Bliar is becoming Mrs Ratty and secretly packing her traps then before abandoning ship. Poor Tone, he might end up rattling around his new Gubernatorial Palazzo all by his ickle self when he becomes El Presidente. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:


War Hero
Not everybody has a press box at a cricket ground named after her - how will she explain that to the kids ? She makes Thatcher (spit) and Evil Edwina look like Mother Teresa.
Crabman said:
1. Blair lied.
2. The Pope is catholic.

Any other news?

1. Er, the Pope is actually Roman Catholic. Many Anglicans are catholic, and indeed Catholic, but not in the Roman sense of the word.

2. Blaire is Romin' Catholic. :wink:


War Hero
Look!Tony never seemed that religious,his wife is,but the Catholic church was struggling for ready cash with all the sex priests damages to pay.
Blair,apart from Eire,was the only country leader not to bar East Euro. immigrants coming into this country without waiting for six months or a year.
Up pops 1 million Polish Catholics who are very religious and now the Catholic Church in this country is swimming in cash.
After leaving No 10 low and behold Blair changes to the Catholic faith!
Is this a wild coincidence?I don't think so.
The man should be selling Snake Oil somewhere.
Passed-over_Loggie said:
They deserve each other.

Possibly but do we deserve them. The synergy of hubby making laws that can be exploited by a human rights barrister wife has certainly allowed the Blair family company to amass a considerable property portfolio despite the recent rescession and credit crunch.
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