Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by trehorn, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. Not sure how many of you know about this but the CERES Division
    Summer Ball is taking place in Leeds on 14th July.

    The cost is £46.45 per person.

    Please be aware the closing date is 7th July AT THE LATEST and all cheques must be recieved by this date. Anyone who would like more detailed information please PM me with your contact details and i will phone or email you with more info. Please hurry, there aren't many free places left.

    Mess undress for senior rates and officers.
    Black tie for ratings and male guests.
    Collar and tie for students/new entries.
    Evening gowns for ladies.



    Wild Mushroom and Tarragon Soup

    Main Course:

    Italian Stuffed Chicken

    Served with Chef’s selection of potatoes and vegetables

    Marbled White and Milk Chocolate Tort
    Served with chocolate sauce

    Tea/Coffee & Mints

    Please note:

    Vegetarian option:

    Starter: Caesar Salad
    Main: Broccoli & Leek Lattice


    There will be drinks served on arrival at the reception.

    There will be a bar for you to purchase further drinks.

    If you would like wine with your meal you can pre-order this, see attached wine list.

    It stands to be a very good evening, and very well attended as the previous events have shown.

    Quick as you can now.
  2. Oh CERES, its a Ball. Why is the rig not Ball Dress? (Thats 2a for Officers.)Otherwise you might as well have the ladies in cocktail frocks.
  3. If you cant say anything nice......... :threaten:
  4. Sorry, only trying to help! :whew:

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