Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by James_B, Apr 27, 2006.

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  1. Hello everyone. Does anyone here train at CERES in Leeds? It's just that I expressed an interest in joining the RNR in mid-March, got an initial letter from Northampton dated 22/03 and another letter on the 24/03 with the CP30 brochure (produced April 2003) saying they had passed my details to HMS Sherwood in Nottingham. I then had a letter from CERES dated 13/04 saying "give us a ring to arrange a visit". I have tried (a fair few times) the 01904 number given on the letter between 19:30 and 21:30 this evening and got no answer. Any ideas? PM me with a different number?
    Nottingham isn't much good to me though so Leeds would be my only option (I live near Hull). Also, possibly a silly question, but why doesn't Hull have an RNR unit with it being a port? Another one, what's the currect recruitment situation in the RNR? It's just that I know of people who gave their name to the TA and they get wads of booklets, application forms, phone calls from random Army-related people, DVDs to watch... etc. Are the TA in a rougher situation at the moment with Iraq, etc?

    Enough for now. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hiya James,

    Suggest you call SHERWOOD in working hours or Tuesday evenings and chase it up. (I wouldn't bother calling weekends or Wed or Fri afternoons unless you want to leave a message.)

    The number is 0115 929 6373.

    Good luck with your application.
  3. Thanks Shakey - I'll give them a call next week as I really want to give it a go and see if it's for me.
  4. Speak to Writer Thorpe ( Adam ) at Sherwood. He's there most days from 0900 onwards.

    As CERES is a sattelite unit I don't think it's manned all week.
  5. James,

    I am from Ceres Division and part of the recruitment team. i understand you are coming in for a look next week?

    Ceres is a top unit full of characters who all work and play extremely hard. We are one of the smallest RNR units in the UK but you wouldn't think so with the amount of effort we all put in.

    We look forward to seeing you next Thursday 19.30hrs.

    Yours aye

  6. Tongue very firmly in cheek, but RN just uses 1930; Brown Jobs & Crabs use 1930 hrs
  7. surely you mean "1930 o'clock bells me-hearty"
  8. Now I never knew that - I've always just used '1930'. Didn't realise Pongos and Crabs added hrs - just thought it was something in the films.
  9. For the record, there is a unit in Hull but it's an URNU.
    If only they would use the shore establishment as an RNR base on one of the nights YURNU aren't using it, it'd save me 4 hours of driving every Tuesday (and get plenty of enthusiastic recruits from East Yorkshire).
  10. Its taken long enought to get Ceres opened after the intellegent decision was taken in the 90's to close her.
  11. Trehorn, hmm I wonder who that could be will you give me a bit of a clue. Recruitment team....hmmmm

    Nope can't think who you are.
  12. Think harder then! the recruitment team isnt exectly big at Ceres!!! I'm tall dark and handsome!
    Who's this? i can think of lots of people that deserve the nickname soggy but none that have actually been officially awarded it?
  13. Tall dark and handsome, we have no-one like that that I can think of. Short squatty and annoying....oh no wait that's me.
  14. Hello AG.
  15. I am not AG, try again!
  16. Wait, I've just realised who AG is. HOW INSULTING! :D
  17. Can you give me some idea of what goes on the normal Thursday night and what sort of roles/specialisms are undertaken at CRERES
  18. Hello Mark,
    It depends on what level you are at within the RNR. New Entry's are mainly given classroom instruction on basic naval matters ranging from Naval discipline, marks of respect, ships and weapons through to compartmentation, fire fighting, basic communications and drill.

    If you are already in the RNR say as an AB1 then most of the evening is spent booking training, transport, preparing for weekends, ECDL.

    At the moment we don't have an AB2 - AB1 instructor so most of the stuff is self taught or learned at weekends and on courses. instructors from other units occasionally visit us for weapons handling tests and seamanship etc.

    We occasionally do sport of an evening and quizzes etc.

    The above may not sound particularly invigarating but we have a very good turn out for our size and everyone seems to enjoy the general socialising of drill nights. if you need any more info just ask and i'll be happy to help.
  19. Sorry, forgot to mention that we are mainly a GSSR specialisation. General Seaman Service Reserve. We undertake ships protection duties, seamanship, mine warfare etc. The idea is that we join ships in two teams of six when thay are either transitting so called choke points (Gibraltar straights, Suez etc) and in various ports as required.

    We are also hoping to start a Logistics branch soon and the RMR are proposing to join us.

    Good fun really.

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