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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by scousehillier, Oct 26, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    Anyone know where I get get items with the ships crest of HMS Boxer?

    A friend of mine served on her and I want to purchase a gift for him.

  2. ebay mate. Just send the JPEG to the cup printer. An oppo done it a while back for the mess, piece of piss. I think the cup + print was around £6=00 Happy Days! If you want the ships crest/badge (some call it, correctly) simple, google it!
  3. Try the Navy News I suppose.
  4. Fair one, the Dock Yard Dandy will do it. Just be careful, i got some polo shirts made up 6 mths ago by some yahoo cowboy. So just check em out first. ok mate, all the best of luck
  5. Nice one boys, I will check ebay or google....we are both civvies now so getting mugs, stickers etc from past ships is a must.

    Never thought we would look back when we left the Navy....it was looked upon as sad....now we look back with fondness and if I can get somethig to remind us of time served with ships, Hecla/Boxer/Montrose or Campbletown it would be great.

    HMNB Clyde can still stick it up their ar$e though....still hate that place even after 10 years.

    I hope the peace protestors are still storming the gates at stupid o clock in the morning.
  6. Mrs O has bought me two mugs from Ebay "Oberon" and "Glasgow". Think this is their web page:

    Badges on Mugs
  7. thanks Oberon, I will get in touch with them to get some Christmas goodies :thumright:

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