Centrifuge test

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Sentenashi, Sep 12, 2008.

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  1. is the centrifuge test (the thing that spins around and creates g-force) compulsory in fast jet training in the FAA? Or is it just for Tornado/Typhoon pilots?
  2. Oh dear, not good at Fairground rides? A career in Logistics beckons methinks. :w00t:
    No offence to the blanket stackers intended of course. :thumright:
  3. :p

    It's not that, I was just wondering because i've never seen or heard any reference to it in the RN, but most of the RAF FJPs have to do it.
  4. we have a centrifuge at Sultan (part of the AIB centre).

    it will spin at 3x10 power 8 metres per second squared which can be good fun after a night out at Emmas.

    we make the trainees have a go in week three. a pass above 0.46 parsecs is required or remedials until passed.

    as a DO here we sometimes have a laugh on a tuesday pm whilst the students are at sport.

    the instructor once did 0.15 terra Hz but he was sick afterwards.

    dont worry about it everybody gets thru it
  5. Ah, and is that part of the harrier streaming then?
  6. We had one, made by the French firm AlfaLaval. We had to strip and clean it every night, using diesel fuel oil to get the really sticky bits off. Great bit of kit, only ever had one defect - the slipping clutch was slipping too much. Potentially very dangerous though, so had to be treated with respect.
  7. I thought Italian, but Mr Wiki says Swedish: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfa_Laval

    Never once tried to squeeze a pilot into one though.
  8. Haven't heard of a centrifuge used by RN pilots. But I was only a 'chopper'boy!!!!

    Sentenashi, there is so much fun you'll have to go through, that being 1 of them.

    The hypoxia chamber! no physical demands apart from lungs. But the effects!!! Amazing, super fun, especially if they record the session.

    You get to learn about coriolis. The high tech equipment that my instructor was responsible for for that avaition experiment was astounding. (A rotary chair fitted with a safety harness, a mod later introduced after a student was flung from the chair).

    Then there is the 'Dunker'. The Underwater escape trainer at Yeovilton.
    So many mixed emotions about that one. Fear - fun - panic - relief. There all in there.

    If selected - have fun - it's just a big boys game!

  9. I seriously doubt it, bearing in mind that '3 X 10 power 8' is the speed of light, and the parsec is the unit used to measure length (PARallax of one arcSECond) and is about 3 lightyear (or 30 X 10 power 12 metres). There's a little snippet of astrophysics for you.
  10. And 0.15 Terra Hz? 1500000000000 revolutions per second. I think he's winding you up fella.
  11. Hahaha, ok.

  12. Joe, thought it was Delaval ??
  13. damn i would have got away with it if it wasnt for you pesky kids
  14. i know i did a real career course - not the stewards version of engineering that we teach now
  15. Do you have to do the explosive decompression test in harrier training? My father had to do it on a aviation medicine course but one of the guys held his breath at the wrong time and burst a lung.... :pukel:
  16. No, no, no. He obviously held his breath in the mess whilst duty, after the lads had a foreign run ashore!

    I burst several lungs that way, but then again, I spent more time onboard than any WAFU.
  17. This particular guy wasn't a crab, he was from a foreign air force, malaysia or something, and actually had to go to hospital minus a lung.....your way sounds better methinks!
  18. Who mentioned Crabs?
  19. Sorry, my father was one and that's who he did the course through, sorry! Think my brain's not working entirely and it's not due to imbibing excessive alcohol either! :(
  20. due to cutbacks we have had to modify the decompression test.

    new procedure is to take the squadron tilly around down the track at max chat.

    get newbie to stick his head out of window and try to carry on normal conversation whilst being asked normal officery questions like how much dubonnet in a standard pink gin, which moustache wax stands up to most battering when wearing a bone-dome etc etc.

    more than 8 out of ten, passed.

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