Centenary Parade dvd or video

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by MasterChief, Sep 7, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone have a copy of the Parade dvd or video, i heard one was made but never saw it ???
  2. Check your PM's
  3. Its crap mate, i cant believe i actually bught it but i thought in a few years time when i'm outa here it would be summat to look back on.

    i could have done better with my Mobile phone.

    i really did think about sending it back in discust!
  4. Yeah, I got it too. Thought it'd be cool to show the grandkids when I'm old and grey. But it's so fuzzy, I could hardly make out anyone I knew, never mind myself! :(
  5. Good if you want lots of piccies of bootnecks boots going up and down!!
    Crap if you wanted a keepsake and memories of a fantastically memorable day.
  6. I got one mate - its a bit pants. SHould have been done by professionals but we went cheap. Still its nice to see myself in the Guard.
  7. does it count if you fainted?
  8. I think it is great fun. I put mine on when ever I need a good laugh.
  9. I've got it and although I enjoy watching it. Seeing Jack match to a proper marine band get's my blood running any time, but to be honest it's not as good as it could have been.

    As somebody said it's been done on the cheap - only one camera so it doesn't show the advance and review order that the guard did - instead we got Charles returning the salute. As any member of the guard will agree this will probably be the hardest / sexiest bit of drill you could ever do and I'll never be able to see...

    Unless somebody has a home vid of it? please!?!
  10. I don't know about the video of the parade, but I wonder if anyone ever asked to see the BBC film of the event, as they were set up on the top of the old War Office building? Apparently the film was archived and never used. Given the media profile we had over the weekend this did not surprise me at all.
  11. Unfortunately (for us), Ark Royal returned so I guess the coverage was rightly given to the lads returning from the Gulf.

    I think we missed a great opportunity for a TV documentary - could have tracked the whole history and events leading up to the parade. Ah well, whats gone has gone.
  12. It was also the Dam Busters anniversary or some crab type thing. That was on every bloody channel. So we lost out to the crabs as well as the Ark Royal.
  13. We had lads and lassies returning from the Gulf who were refused permission, by the RN, to take part in the parade. A couple got in to the reception though.
  14. Some of us didn't even get back for it, and i was picked as one of the guard PO's initially, so i was a bit miffed.
    Still at least i got a medal out of it.... :roll: :lol:
  15. :evil: Yeah, we were told we could'nt take part even though we had just returned from Iraq that week. We were confined to barracks at HMS Nelson and treated like shit. The admiral who came to visit us didn't even know where we had been (he thought we had only been to Kuwait).
    Oh, and we were told if we wanted to, we could go and cheer the war heroes coming back to Pompey on Ark Royal!!!!!

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