Censorship or good sense

If they can still communicate via email, I don't see a problem with restricting their internet access.(christ, the phone was good enough for me, if I managed to make the call...lol )

May cut down on the BS that ends up on some of these sites, however having said that, some of the abuse that goes on may not be discovered...



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Video streaming sites are the bane of our lives out here as they chew up bandwidth something chronic - which leaves no room for official war-fighting type stuff. The Welfare computers are unrestricted so they can get all the access they want through those.

Its being viewed as slightly ironic by my US chums as the Army is running some recruiting campaigns on You Tube....
I think it's a bit of damage control by the US and it's PR corps, after seeing some of the recent contributions to youtube by unofficial individuals, they are trying to put the genie back into the lamp...

They seem to really be grasping at straws when it comes to recruiting these day's, they want to give as many incentives as possible and lower the standards at the same time....not good for self discipline in the field I would think... :wink:
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