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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by FistFullOfNails, Jun 11, 2009.

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  1. The greatest injustice is being done on Rum Ration!!

    Freedom of speech is becoming a thing of the past so for those that believe in freedom, stand with me against this fascist tide of tyranny!!

    I got a message saying my posts were irrelevant and would be deleted.

    Who is who to decide what is or is not relevant! (Also I fail to see what comes out of my noggin' is any more or less useless than what comes out of the piss flaps that pass for the majority of posts on here!).
    As an example, 90 percent of what RJ spurges out is straight from the sex pest bible! But we hear his voice because, then, who else would make paedophillic jokes about Madeleine Mccann? Who else would post pictures-that-shouldn't-be-funny-but-are-cos-their-so-wrong about whatever off the cusp cultural media references of the latest disaster!

    I therefore ask, to be able to continue talking about russian girl on girl rape and vaginas so ravaged by VD when you look at them you think you're staring straight into hell!

    Whos with me?!

    You can take my posts Sea Dog, but you can't take my freedom!!

    *sigh* I really need to get a job between now and Raleigh
  2. Mate it depends where you post. If you post in Lils then unless its damn right horrendous the MODS will let it run.

    Let that be a lesson to you you heemer!!!
  3. I would just say that.......................... and if ...................censored ................then........................and can.............. at................................so you see most of it is ..............................would never...............................................so stick it up their............................................. .
    There's not much else to say and Mr............................................ anytime. :D :D
  4. Having been a previous recipient of censorship on RR Nails, I totally agree with your point of view. The inconsistent moderation of the site really does need addressing. There are too many rum soaked old farts moderating on subjects they know fcuk all or very little about. Nails me old shipmate I for one enjoy reading and following your posts. Don't let the bastards grind you down.

    Have a nice day
  5. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    As XRD has already pointed out, is it not a matter of where it's posted? RJ would have been binned years ago if it was not for Lils.
  6. Poor Seadog. Just doing his job and gets crucified by Nails. Talk about nailing your colours to the Mast! :roll:

    Some of us routinely post in the Gash Barge (which is sinking under the weight) and DLs, which tolerate most of the crap some of us come out with. The other threads state clearly that they are Moderated. Moderated means editing out inappropriate stuff or consigning said thread to the proverbial gash can. RR should not frighten off the more delicate souls (including impressionable newbies) but should retain its fora for virtually unmoderated discourse. Such moderation as is necessary needs to keep RR legal - or it could be pulled by the ISP host.

    Right Nails, get on your knees and start :censored: my :censored:
  7. Arrrgh I'd like to point out I'm not bleeding nails!

    Unlike Nails I passed the recruitment process and am joining the Andrew this Sept!
  8. May I make a suggestion ? :)

    There is, on RR (on Rear Party as well, but don't post about rape there, you'll possibly face the wrath of female members, sodomisation or worse), a section called, 'Fill Your Boots' or some such title. It hasn't really taken off on here but it does allow for all who are having a bad 'un to just vent without anyone replying.....

    I haven't seen your rape post, so can't comment but if you created it to get a discussion / replies, then DL's is probably the best as suggested or the Gash.

    At the end of the day, (and I'm a fine one to talk 8) ), do remember it's only ruffled feathers and piss and wind, even if it all sometimes gets a little bit silly..... :lol:

    If you want a serious discussion, best off heading for Current Affairs or the such, but you will (most likely) need to take along another kind of topic. Although, I don't know. The RMT and Gordon Brown look ripe for a bumfcuk or two. :lol:

    Happy typing. :D
  9. lol na all I said (was a bit more vulgar) that the madam caught molesting children I hoped would endevour to meet a burly russian lady in the confines of our fine jails, and have to kiss her diseased yoo-hoo day after day.

    on that note, sounds like mayhem in court

  10. Being seriouse (I try) your subject was topical, your comments correct for the situation, but as said, again and again and again, wrong forum.
    DL's or Gash barge, with all us trashy types fine.
    I spend that much time in the gash barge, I'm like a f*ckin womble. DL's is a night out for me. 8O :D :D
    Keep typing, but don't forget to duck when the shite is slung. :D
  11. She's been aging very rapidly recently. At the beginning of the week she was 32, then within hours the BBC changed their mind and proudly said she was 33. Yhen yesterday she was 38 and today she's 39! Is paedophilia the name for Rapid Aging Syndrome (RAS) and is RASing infectious??!! o_O
  12. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    When you fistfucked your brother nails, did he whine like a bitch?

    Current affairs is under the watchful eye of seadog and he MODs as he see's it, most people don't have a problem. CA's is meant to be serious stuff. If you want to chat about rape or goal love, stick to Lils or the gash. Be warned your topic/posts can still be deleted (24hr RN helpline) if someone takes offence.
  13. Ffs im not nails. If i was i'd use the nails account - not try to wittingly disguise it by putting nails in a new account name!

    I chose fistfullofnails from a lyric from the song fistful of steel.

    (Mods if your reading this please change my user name to FistfulOfSteel!!)
    This comment was a playful, cheeky wink at the Moderators and wasn't supposed to start a flame war! So leave your mittens on and have a coke and smile..
  14. Toys and prams come to mind. Could this be handbags at dawn: Seadog vs FFON/FFOS? I'm putting my Krona on Seadog. :twisted:

    Pull your horns in young Nails minor. FFS how are you going to cope with matelots winding you up on pusser's war canoes when you can't cope with cybermatelots pulling your plonker on RR?
  15. *sigh*

    I give up.
  16. That's the wrong attitude Nozzer! Pull your horns in, ignore the psychobabble and just enjoy contributing. It's not personal. We're just all (well not me actually) wizened old men jealous of the ides of yoof. :lol:

    Stand fast Witsendy!

    PS: Have PM'd you, nozzer.
  17. How many members are you aware of that have been censored? Very few I think.
    The law prevails of course; but criticism of any of our Chiefs of Staff or Defence Ministers will always be permitted, however harsh. Moving such criticism to a more appropriate topic area seems sensible but RR will never censor anyone for the sake of it. Will they? RR is for free speech The unofficial voice of the Roal Marines and Royal Navy.

    Let's hear if you have any knowledge of anyone ever having been removed merely for putting forward their considered opinions Thin on the ground they'll be I suggest
  18. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Good first post :roll: Time for you to FO to current affairs where you sound like you belong. :wink:
  19. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    LOL,,,,what age are you? You sound like a adolescent girl building up for her first spot of blob.
  20. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Speak for yourself Thing! :evil: You should know that ALL matelots are divs! :wink:

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