Celebrity Big Brother Racism. ???

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Shakey, Jan 16, 2007.

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  1. Not really been watching it much (no, honest!), but is that Bollywood woman being subjected to racism?

    Or is it just that she's an annoying spoilt woman who's being moaned about by everyone else and she just happens to be Asian?

    BBC News if you're bothered.
  2. My missus watches it sometimes while I am on tinterweb, so I get subjected to bits and bobs and she comes across as one spoilt madam from what little i've seen.
    not my missus!! That other bird :)
  3. According to the Times today, Jade's quarterwit of a boyfriend called her "A f***ing Paki" yesterday. That isn't remotely acceptable on TV, or indeed anywhere. Thats what all the OFCOM complaints are about, not about accent-pisstaking, and quite right too. Don't trust the BBC to commentate on a rival programme on a rival channel.
  4. i have watched bit of this show on and off, and noooooooo not racist,
    More over sensitive. if she felt she was getting racist abuse wouldn’t you think she would talk about it in the "diary room" and report the people.

    A few years ago in a previous BB there was a massive fight between a black guy and a white girl, did the british public get on the blower and sound off about domestic abuse, hitting women, intimidation,
    (well not that i can remember.)

    Think its an over sensitive "public" that are worried to death about how these Z list celebs represent Britain.
  5. ahhh but bigbrov say that he called her a c**t not the other word, but if he did then i agree that is racist and should be delt with accordingly
  6. I just think that the public are now reaping what they've sowed. This Big Brother nonsense has deteriorated into this fiasco. The voting numptys that keep it on air have only themselves to blame for admiring ignorance and lack of education shown by Jade Goody and the like. Perhaps now people will come to their senses and see her for what she truly is, instead of admiring her as a celebrity???????????????

    I must admit it beats me what people see in it, have we really got down to this level?
  7. Perhaps "paki" has become a yoof word like "gay" and just means sad? Given that the BBC Governors themselves have ruled that it's OK to use such terms how can anybody object without the accusation of hypocrisy being levelled at them. :evil:

    Of course it's wrong.
  8. Anybody that appears on that shite deserves to called whatever suits.

    Sooner watch paint dry!!!

    And if she is a paki then call a paki. Taffy Paddy Jock whats so special about those feckers.
  9. So what is the problem with the word Paki?


    If the Pakistanis can use it then anyone can
  10. It's all over the Channel 5 News - and Mr Keith Vaz, that paragon of (former) Ministerial virtue is in his element posing before the cameras.

    My other half's sister (long blonde hair, nice shape - unfortunately married) watches it avidly, and says it's all a crock.
    Even Shilpa's agent says it's not racist, and that she gives as good as she gets.

    But then, it's not newsworthy unless some poltroon complains, is it ?
  11. If this stuff is supposed to be "reality television", why are people getting so animated if they are behaving like real people do? These people must either be chosen very carefully or be strongly briefed that the "thought" police will be immediately on to them. If we make eavesdropped private events public, what else can be expected? If people are offended by it, don't bloody watch it!
  12. Well said POL and exactly the same thought train as myself and no, I never watch the crap and never will. I'd rather have my goolies put in a spiked vice than be subjected to that rubbish. :)
  13. Seems to have done the trick this hoo-ha, allegedly the ratings are going up - nothing like a whiff of scandal to whet the appetites.

  14. Apparently he didn't refer to her as a 'paki', even if he did he would be wrong 'cos she's an Indian.
  15. If she is an Indian then she would have a perfect right to be upset at being called a Paki.
    Indians and Pakistanis are not the best of friends
  16. Bloody amazing!! Questions in the house, demonstrations upsetting GB on his visit ti India! GET A LIFE. Our troops are dying overseas and nobody seems to give a shit. (except us) But Big Brother, Oh, that really is life altering.

    Semper Strenuissima.
  17. How can anyone with more than one brain cell watch this program?
    Its a program full of morons watched by morons.
  18. Totally agree with you mate :mrgreen:
  19. I havent seen anything to suggest that she herself has actually complained!!!It beats me why they imported a foreign so called Star into this crap!why not drag in some Icelandic or Fijian so called Star??Seems to me that this was pre engineered by the makers of this trash!Maybe they ought to get Nick Griffin in there to spice things up a bit!!!
  20. Or , as Bernard Manning used to say "even the Pakis hate the Pakis"......,but apparantley it was a clash of personalities and NOT a clash of cultures, just girlies being bitchy, so what on earth is all the fuss about?
    Like someone else has said, if you listen in on a conversation then how can you complain if you hear something you don't like?
    My God you BB watchers, GET A FUCKIN LIFE !! !!

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