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I was wondering about the team who conduct the random drugs tests on-board random ships/establishments. Are these signals to the ship's medics or a special team that visit. Secondly, if it is a specialised team, is this made up of MAs et on a draft to CDT or is it a full time branch with sideways entry? Thanks.
It is a specialised team.
It consists of 1 WO (FAA), 1 RM C/Sgt and 1 Female PO (Any).

They work closely with the Army and RAF CDT teams when they carry out tests in Tri-service Establishments.
Ah right, so very slim chance of joining the team. It sounded interesting. Just going back to phase 1 from leave, guess I'll meet them there....
It could have been someone from the Liverpool. Insert relevant scousers and drugs joke in for yourself.

edited to add: once you get to play with your very own JPA, why not insert a personal objective to join the CDT team?
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