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Hi all, after a bit of advice pls. i recently went on holiday where there seemed to be people smoking cannabis all over the place. i avoided it best i could but kept getting whiffs of it. 3 days after returning the cdt team were in and although i didnt and would never smoke drugs im a bit worried in case it could come up from passivly smoking it? how long do results normally take to come back?
If I was not a charitable person, I would interpret this as:

"I smoked some cannabis over Xmas, and was CDT'd on return. Am I fcuked?"
To which the answer would be "Yes. Start packing your kit now, as it will save time later."

However, as I said, I am a charitable person, so the answer is "Unless you smoked it, you are safe. Tests have shown that the level used to declare a sample positive are way in excess of what could be achieved through 'passive smoking'."
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As Joe said, if you have cannabis in your system, they'll know. If you have smoked it yourself, they'll know.

The truth will out.

Last time I saw someone booted for drugs they were gone in a week.


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Yep, passive smoking, whilst unwise due to the guilt by association inference, will not give a false positive of the magnitude needed to indicate direct ingestion.

It's not a defence if found positive & nor is retrospectively claiming spiked drink/food, so nowt to worry about.
Not spoke to anyone, at end of the day from what I looked at and advice from here should be ok. It was a week ago now so thought would have heard something by now?
Don't want to worry you but it takes a while for the samples to be processed and double checked if there's a positive result, longer than a week in any case.
As others have said, you should be okay if you didn't smoke it yourself.

However, in the future you may want to reconsider your choice of holiday destination. Wasn't Amsterdam was it? :drunken:
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