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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by tomcat24, Nov 10, 2013.

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  1. BBC iPlayer - The Andrew Marr Show: 10/11/2013


    1) Marine killing of the Taliban--no one in the armed forces is above UK, military and international law.

    2) On Armed Forces and Scottish Independence, especially Trident and Submarines--no plans yet (or not saying what plans he has).

    3) Shipbuilding, Portsmouth and Clyde: Business decisions must not be changed by the military.

    4) CVF: I he could turn back the clock, he would want a smaller sized CVF(s).
  2. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    1. Fair enough. But I vote we now show some of the rather abhorrent images on The Young News channel et al of the atrocities meted out in said areas not just to Coalition Forces, but to other Muslim groups. Not saying this admonishes the Bootneck, but if we are after 'balance', let the world know that what one Royal does in the heat of combat is gigantically overshadowed by what fundamentalists will do in the name of what they believe is a religion that represents their morals. Good, safe answer by CDS, mind.

    2. If we are to believe CDS has no plans in case the Jocks are daft enough to follow the brainless dick that is Alex 'oh, by the way, we'll have an Assault Ship, three frigates and a brace of sweepers' Salmond then my arse is a box of Maltesers. Of course they have a plan, and I hope it says, "Farewell then. Subs to Guzz, shipbuild to Barrow, lets start extending C and D Lock in Pompey for the carriers. Build your own Navy, Salmond. You have the best shipbuildlers, don't you?"

    3. Shipbuilding. Here's a thought. 2003 - VT shuts and moves to Pompey. Anyone see any real extended future apart from building bits of ships beyond the end of that last block for PoW? This in the wake of the disastrous Omani combat ship project. With shipbuild now closing, the way is clear for the mooted Pompey dockyard upgrade where the whole dockyard pushes itself into the 21st century. Ideas high in the possibility include cutting 3 basin in half (I reckon to create a continuous alongside jetty for Carrier 2) and a power station to manage the high demands of the new breed of HV ships. Whatever happens, running a fresh die nut down to clean out the old, ingrained practices can do no more harm than good. Shipbuilding uses up much of the skills and trades that can be easily regenerated in ship support, and with two 65k ton carriers, six Type 45s, six Type 23s and at least six Type 26s demanding servicing, my wager is Pompey dockyard will be a bustling hive of industry. They have yet to stand up the Carrier COM, but its coming soon. The yard itself runs pretty much at max chat with the ships alongside at the moment so in two, three maybe four years, I'd say recruitment will ramp significantly if output is to meet fleet demand. And let's face it, that carrier will have to be built, sea trialled, the infrastructure in Pompey and support measures to get her through trials down here, BOSTed, DCTed and operational in as quick a possible time, with the PoW following close on the tail to enable CUP/Air Wing integration et al for QE. That will eat up man hours aplenty and that will come from fresh engineering meat.

    4. Of course he would. Who wouldn't? We'd all like smaller everything. And cheaper. And for it to run on seawater and shit. But faced with having a **** off big floating airfield just off the nasty-people's coastline with an unmatched air umbrella and the ability to mix it up with other mission niceties courtesy of the FAA, and for him to inject his troops from nearby LPDs knowing that enemy counter attack is greatly reduced thanks to this non-host-nation pile of steel just over there, I'd say he'll change his mind.

  3. I'll just comment comment of 4)

    It's not about having a mini carrier that runs of shit--no one has ever said that would be a better choice. But unless you have the military and political mights and beliefs in the US, thne you can have a 2000,000 ton carrier built, cost all ignored. Just spend spend and build and build.
  4. I find it incredible that a brown job could be considered an authority on what size Carrier we need. To him, it's just a bloody taxy and long range Arty.
  5. However, remember that Joint is spelt A-R-M-Y!

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  6. He's CDS after all. What if it was a dark blue saying the same thing?
  7. Then I'd say he was defining what he could afford rather than what he militarily needed. That's how we finished up with Through Deck Cruisers.
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  8. Depends how small he wanted them to be

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